Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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DeLong-Roberts Memorial Singing

Antioch Primitive Baptist Church, Banning, Georgia

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The annual DeLong-Roberts Memorial Singing was called to order by Richard DeLong leading 60 and 57. Ed Thacker offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Jesse Roberts 225b; Margie Smith 108t; Judy Chambless 129, 28t; Robert Chambless 77t; Nick Griffin 551; Faye Hollis 283; Ashley Thompson 195, 434; Bentley McGuire 240; Helen Bryson 299, 274t; Brady DeLong 101t, 61; Glenda Collins 100; Chris Carnell and Sarah Carnell 189, 68t; B.M. Smith 68b, 340; Cecil Roberts 97, 503.


Richard DeLong called the class to order leading 95. Leaders: Leon CarneIl 163b, 268.

In a business session, the class voted to retain the following officers for another year: Chairman—Richard DeLong; Vice Chairmen—Matt DeLong and Jesse Roberts; Secretary—Helen Bryson.

Leaders: Charlene Wallace 269, 481; Louis Hughes 405 (in memory of Everett Denny); Jenna Frey 46, 401; Danny Arms 200; Lonnie Rogers 141, 373; Andy Morse 313b; Bill Walters 86; Ed Thacker 464; Rachel Carlisle, Heidi DeLong, Brady DeLong, and friend, Laura 318; Jeannette DePoy and Lynn Allen 384; Eddie Mash 176b; Malinda Snow 328; Oscar McGuire 344; Jean Payne 480.


Jesse Roberts brought the class back together leading 40. Leaders: Scott DePoy 277; Randa Harris 143; Jessica Altman 419; Janice Paulk 518; Jerry Schreiber 528; Michael Walker 138b; Joyce Walton 455; Joanna Lampert 440; Bob Meek 314; Bobby Watkins 512; Frances Carnell 383; Henry Johnson 231; Carla Smith 444; Rachel Carlisle 282; Ted Mercer 468; Michael Thompson 507; Justin Squizzero 536.

Richard DeLong led 285t for the following deceased: Myrtle Smith, Milton Oliver, Dr. Hugh McElrath, Fulton Smith, B.J. Harris, Gertrude Norton, Loy Garrison, Homer Benefield, Gladys McGraw, and Reby Stanford. Jesse led 460 in memory of the Roberts and DeLong families.

Scott DePoy read the names of the following sick and shut-ins: Dale Harris, Frank Block, Nora Roberts, Lee Rogers, Violet Thomason, and David McGukin. Judy Mincey led 510. Henry Johnson closed the memorial lesson with prayer.


Richard DeLong brought the class back together leading 345b. Leaders: Mike Castleberry and Wendy Bell 59; Laura Frey 178; Robert Kelly 130; Karen Rollins 32t; Nathan Rees 465; Matt Hinton and Erica Hinton 33b; Ben Bath 406; Shirley Ellis 283; John Plunkett 516.

Following announcements, Richard DeLong, Jesse Roberts, and Jeannette DePoy led 146 as the closing song while those who wished took the parting hand.

Chairman—Richard DeLong; Vice Chairmen—Matt Delong and Jesse Roberts; Secretary—Helen Bryson