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Alpharetta Municipal Building Singing

Alpharetta, Georgia

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The 140th annual session of the Alpharetta Municipal Building singing was held on the second Sunday in June in the Performing Arts Center of Old Milton High School. Richard DeLong brought the class to order leading 101t and 82t. John Hollingsworth offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Richard DeLong 491; John Plunkett 81t; Helen Bryson 176t; Janice Paulk 75; Andy Anderson 31b; Faye Holbrook 67; Reuben Ball 497; Martha Ann Stegar 84; John Hollingsworth 109; Rachel Carlisle 137; Mike Castleberry 344; Stephanie Tingler 77b; Scott DePoy 457; Vaudie Sherer 345t; Cathy White 159; Shannon Primm 147t; Tony Hammock 383; Erica Hinton 33b; Susan Posey 496.


Richard DeLong called the class to order leading 175.

A business session was held with the following officers elected to serve for the following year: Chairman—Richard DeLong; Co-Vice Chairpersons—Janice Paulk and Mike Castleberry; Secretary/Treasurer—Helen Bryson.

Leaders: Phillip Langley 110; Lela Crowder 186; Robert Kelly 169; Judy Mincey 306 (for David McGukin); Malinda Snow 57; Ted Brown 569t; Faye Hollis 299; Bentley McGuire 500; Matt Hinton 503; Charlene Wallace 428; Oscar McGuire 276; Jeannette DePoy 567; Jonathan Smith 465; Joyce Walton 434;Violet Thomason 112.


Janice Paulk called the class to order leading 448b. Leaders: Nathan Rees 530; Helen Brown 192; Jack Paulk 565b; Karen Ivey 217; Mike Thompson 269; David Ivey 527; Andy Morse 540; Sandra Wilkinson 394; Valerie Francis 323b; Patrick Barthus 198; Reuben Ball 318; Faye Holbrook 380; Andy Anderson 28b; Rachel Carlisle 145t; Becky Allmon 170; Helen Bryson 365; Ted Brown and Helen Brown 77t; Joyce Walton 454; Violet Thomason 189.

A memorial lesson was conducted by Jeannette DePoy saying, “As we sing, we remember those we’ve lost”. She led 65 for the following deceased: Loy Garrison, Gladys McGraw, Reby Stanford, Homer Benefield, Kenneth Walton, Asbury Walton, Muriel “Cleed” Morgan, Felton Denney, Ruth Wills, Myrtle Smith, Amanda Denson-Brady, B.J. Harris, and Corrine Laminack.

Judy Mincey spoke and led 50b for the following sick and shut-ins: Gertrude DeLong, Frank Block, David McGukin, Lee Rogers, and Dot Garrison.

Richard DeLong led 403 for all those families who’ve kept singing going throughout the years. The memorial lesson was closed with prayer offered by John Plunkett.


Richard DeLong called the class back to order leading 460. Leaders: Bentley McGuire 316; Mike Thompson 271t; Robert Kelly 562; Erica Hinton225t; Nathan Rees 231; Jonathan Smith 142; Helen Brown 267; Lela Crowder 138t; Oscar McGuire and Faye Hollis 340; Shannon Primm and Stephanie Tingler 155; Martha Ann Stegar and Malinda Snow 146; Matt Hinton and Tony Hammock 212.

Announcements were made. Richard DeLong led 341 as the closing song. John Hollingsworth offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Richard DeLong; Co-Vice Chairpersons—Janice Paulk and Mike Castleberry; Secretary—Helen Bryson