Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Michiana Singing

Goshen, Indiana

July 20, 1996

The ninth annual Michiana Singing held at the New Testament Baptist

Church was called to order by James Nelson Gingerich leading song

on page 171. Matthew Lind led 146. John Bayer led the morning prayer, and led song on page 68b. Leaders: Samuel Sommers 36b; Christine Guth 131b; Paul Foster 212; Christine Stevens 497; D. J. Hatfield 101t; Janet Fraembs 480; Dean Slaton 532; Joe Todd 337; Reba Windom 270; Jerry Enright 217b; Chris Sepic 34b; Jan Ketelle 430; Lisa Grayson 392; Bob Meek 178; Debbie Hall 163b; Anthony Reeves 254; Warren Steel 442; Melanie Hauff 421; John Beale 46; Daryl Mayberry 492; Johanna Fabke 148; Elizabeth Todd 31t.


Samuel Sommers brought the class back to order leading song on page 386 for Don Bowen. Leaders: Michelle Rae Biery 501; David Barford 547; Kristin Richardson 195; Michael Hieber 448b; Anne Heider “Evanston”; Wendy Lee 175; Beverly Enright 455; Richard DeLong 387; Jo Dell Albi 504; Michael Darby 133; Beth Hall 358; Emmie Barford 87; David Rust 163 (t? b?); Kathryn Knecht 99; Al Frank “The Spiritual Sailor”. The Memorial Lesson followed. John Bayer remarked that Sacred Harp singers leave religious and political differences at the door of the singing, providing fertile ground for friendship, love, and affection to grow. The memorial lesson is about this love and friendship among singers. John Bayer then led 354b for the deceased: Indiana—Christopher Berkey, Welma Nelson, Brooke Doriot, and Oscar Berlin; Wisconsin—Carrie Fordham and Ann Zigler Lawrence; Arizona—Charles Heaton; Texas—Gerald Fry; Massachussets—Christopher Lee; Alabama—Dewey Williams, Cleve Blevins, Colbie Allen, and Ester Reed; Nancy Campbell and Finley Heck. John Bayer led song on page 86 for the sick and shut-ins: California—Dr. Rodney Willard; Wisconsin—Peter Vea and Lucille Vea; Indiana—Arthur Hall and John Stevens; Florida—Edith Hall; Illinois—Millie Ogg; Ohio—Cy Drichta and Tammy Webster. Other leaders were: Lorraine Sawyer 94;Ted Mercer 349; Fred Todt 278t.


Matthew Lind brought the class back leading song on page 120. Leaders: Kathy Krug 192; Marcia Johnson 485; Steve Warner 125; Joan Aldridge 474; Judy Hauff 522; Nancy Hejna 29t; Eloise Clark 475; Debbie Barford 218; Ted Johnson 419; Charles Knecht 352; James Page “County K”; Paul Streeter 66; Xander Knecht 27; Allisson Biery 155; John Bayer 278b; Jo Dell Albi 473; Wendy Lee 335; Richard DeLong 448t; Dean Slaton 500; Reba Windom 216; Samuel Sommers 426 (t? b?).


James Nelson Gingerich called the class back together leading song on page 277. Leaders: Jerry Enright 277; Matthew Lind 220; Lorraine Bayer 503; John Bealle 534; Linda Speck 186; Ted Mercer 217; Joan Aldridge 454; Marcia Johnson 434; Johanna Fabke 83t; Lisa Grayson 528; Dave Barford 268; Jan Ketelle 362; Melanie Hauff 542; James Page 573; Nancy Hejna 95; Judy Hauff 110. Announcements were made. Matthew Lind led 62 and the class took the parting hand. The closing prayer was led by John Bayer.

Submitted by Beth Hall and Samuel W. Sommers.