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Northwest Arkansas Convention

St. John’s Episcopal Church, Harrison, Arkansas

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Northwest Arkansas Convention was held on Saturday before the first Sunday in May at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Harrison, Arkansas. The singing was called to order by Dan Brittain leading 72t and 73b. The opening prayer was offered by Syd Caldwell.

Leaders: Syd Caldwell 47t, 49b (for Bill Caldwell); Katy Black and Dan Brittain 49t, 81t.

The class was organized by electing or appointing the following officers to serve: Chairman—Dan Brittain; Vice Chairman—Andrew Albers; Secretary—Katy Black.

Leaders: Joan Aldridge 30t, 101t (for Lonnie Rogers); Andrew Albers 56b, 399b; Anita Buswell 85, 84; Waymon Minor 29t, 32t; Becky Browne 36b, 39t; Pattie Doss 39b, 480; Penny Kujawinski 276, 473.


Syd Caldwell called the class back together leading 126 (MH) and 80 (MH). Leaders: Lou Kujawinski 515, 222; Mark Tew 268, 269; Anita Buswell 270, 496; Joan Aldridge 300, 272; Dan Brittain 138 (MH), 167 (MH); Andrew Albers 149 (MH), 399t; Dan Brittain led 164 (MH) as the blessing for our lunch.


The class was called back to order for the afternoon session by Mark Tew leading 59 and 139. Leaders: Penny Kujawinski 372, 175 (MH); Pattie Doss 440, 528; Becky Browne 203, 168 (in memory of Jeanette Lowry); Waymon Minor 38t, 187; Holly Childs 472, 68b; Katy Black and Dan Brittain 282, 147t; Syd Caldwell 159 (for Mary Ellen Wilkinson).

Becky Browne conducted the memorial lesson. Syd Caldwell led 75 (MH) in honor of the sick and shut-ins, which included Mary Ellen Wilkinson, Charlie Derleth, Myrtle Smith, Janet Fraembs, Frank Fraembs, Bill Ellason, Jimmie Gilmore, Pam Gilmore, Beau Caldwell, Bruce Rye, Lee Steinmetz, and Landis Powell.

Becky Browne led 475 in memory of the following deceased: Edith Tate, Amanda Denson, B. J. Harris, LaRue Allen, Elder W. G. McGough, Mamie Noles, Milton Oliver and Dick Mauldin—Alabama; Roger Bowser, Jo Craine, and Jeanie Dickerson—Arkansas; Felton Denney—Georgia; Madeline Steel—Mississippi; Jeanette Lowry, Alice Caldwell, and Paul Drummond—Missouri. The memorial lesson was closed with a prayer by the Rev. Seamus Doyle, Rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church.


The last session was called to order by Syd Caldwell leading 142 and 344. Leaders: Mark Tew 236; Andrew, Hannah, Rhoda Albers, and Mark Albers 551, 345t; Lou Kujawinski 56(MH), 13 (MH); Dan Brittain 11 (MH), 172 (MH); Andrew Albers 250; Waymon Minor 318; Joan Aldridge 299; Pattie Doss 76b; Penny Kujawinski 201.

Announcements were made. A drawing was held for a quilt made by Katy Black and hand quilted by the Quilting Group at Goddard United Methodist Church in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The winner of the quilt was Mary Beth Thompson, a member of the quilting group. The funds raised go to support the Shiloh Singers of Northwest Arkansas for the purchase of loaner books.

Dan Brittain led 69t as the closing song while the class took the parting hand.

Chairman—Dan Brittain; Vice Chairman—Andrew Albers; Secretary—Katy Black