Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Pikes Peak Sacred Harp Singing

Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The 3rd annual Pikes Peak Sacred Harp Singing was called to order at 9:00 a.m.by Pete Mathewson leading 34b. The opening prayer was offered by Lance Lloyd.

The singing was organized with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Pete Mathewson, Secretary/Treasurer—Susie Mathewson. Singing was from the 1991 Denson Book and the 2006 Cooper Book (CB).

Leaders: Pete Mathewson 515 (CB); Paul Lindholm 54t (CB); Karl Dise 430 (CB); Bonnie Dolan 501; Anita Landess 133 (CB); Susie Mathewson 145b; Sheila Nugent 159; Kelly Townsend 45t; Isaac Lloyd 503; LaVerne Lewis 507b (CB); Dale Gardner 147t; Ginnie Ely 415; Pete Mathewson 480; Paul Lindholm 131t; Karl Dise 39 (CB); Anita Landess 38t (CB).


The singing resumed with Bonnie Dolan leading 354b.

Pete Mathewson conducted the memorial lesson. He led 34t for the sick and shut-ins and 563 (CB) for the following deceased: Theodore Eastburn, Amanda Denson-Brady, Madeline Steel, and Minja Lausevic.

Leaders: Susie Mathewson 569b; Kelly Townsend 84; Isaac Lloyd 139; Ginnie Ely 228; Pete Mathewson 448t; Paul Lindholm 524 (CB); Karl Dise 486 (CB); Anita Landess 411 (CB); Bonnie Dolan 202; Kelly Townsend 49 (t? b?); Isaac Lloyd 47b; Ginnie Ely 511t (CB). The blessing was offered by Lance Lloyd.


Ginnie Ely of Estes Park, Colorado, was presented with a memento of Pikes Peak in recognition of her having traveled the greatest distance to the singing.

Leaders: Pete Mathewson 544 (CB); Paul Lindholm 559 (CB); Karl Dise 552 (CB); Anita Landess 553 (CB); Bonnie Dolan 441; Susie Mathewson 393t (CB); Kelly Townsend 155; Isaac Lloyd 59; Sheila Nugent 39t; Ginnie Ely 344 (CB); Keeley Sandoval 32t; Pete Mathewson 571 (CB).


The singing resumed with Paul Lindholm leading 556. Leaders: Karl Dise 575 (CB); Anita Landess 408; Bonnie Dolan 297; Susie Mathewson 143; Kelly Townsend 282; Isaac Lloyd 99; Ginnie Ely 373; Keeley Sandoval 40; Pete Mathewson 518 (CB); Paul Lindholm 148; Karl Dise 320; Anita Landess 56t.

After announcements were made, Bonnie Dolan led 549 as the closing song. The class was dismissed in prayer by Lance Lloyd.

Chairman—Pete Mathewson; Secretary—Susie Mathewson