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Oxford Singing

University of Mississippi, Oxford, Mississippi

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The 28th annual Oxford Sacred Harp singing took place in the choral room of the music building at the University of Mississippi. Warren Steel called the class to order by leading 138b. John Van Horn offered the morning prayer.

Mark Tew led 48t. The class organized by electing the following officers: Chairman—Warren Steel; Vice Chairman—Mark Tew; Secretary—John Merritt; Arranging Committee—Lisa Geist.

Leaders: John Merritt 288; Marlin Beasley 317; Emily Creel 318; Wanda Capps 299; Don Traylor 408; Bunk Beasley 72b; Charlotte Webb 68b; Bea Carnathan 496; John Van Horn 378b; Juanita Beasley 61; Travis Keeton 129; Gravis Ballinger 203; Lon Webb 358; Hugh Bill McGuire 394; Bruce Headrick 59.


Warren Steel called the class together leading 215. Leaders: Sandra Wilkinson 384; Jim Greer 81t; Jan Murray 31b; Velton Chafin 454; Carolyn Thompson 196; Darlene Reynolds 569b; John Plunkett 447; Kevin Dyess 128; Earl Ballinger 139; David Jennings 45t; Sarah Smith 340; Jeff Corbett 86; Phil Kliewer 87; Judy Caudle 522.


John Merritt called the class together leading 176t. Leaders: Bridgett Hill 269; Henry McGuire 369; John Wall 217; Mark Davis 556; Myron Wilkinson 39b; Anne Steel 348b; Gary Smith 66; Drew McGuire 349.


The afternoon session began with Mark Tew leading 460. Leaders: Danny Creel 532; Larry Ballinger 540; Natalie Davis 354b; Josie Hyde 507; Stephanie Tingler 476.

A memorial lesson was held. Marlin Beasley led 475 in memory of the following deceased: Flarce Creel, Edith Tate, Wilton Donaldson, LaRue Allen, Delores Beasley, Furn Kitchens, Garnsey McGough, Mamie Noles, and Amanda Denson Brady—Alabama; Madeleine Steel—Mississippi; Alex Mennella—New York.

Warren Steel led 65 in honor of the sick and shut-ins.

Leaders: Margaret Keeton 276; Henry Guthery 549; Julie Heron 63; Sarah Tidwell 146; Lena Keeton 159; Brenda Merritt 542; Glenn Keeton 236; Chuck Howell 112; Janet Jenkins 117; Rachel Green 328; Harrison Creel 512; Logan Green 171; Robert Green 222; Lisa Geist 304.

Following announcements, Warren Steel, Mark Tew, John Merritt, Lisa Geist, and Jack Barbera led 285b as the closing song. Mark Davis dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Warren Steel; Vice Chairman—Mark Tew; Secretary—John Merritt