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Baylor Sacred Harp Singing

George W. Truett Theological Seminary, Waco, Texas

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The 6th annual Baylor University Sacred Harp Singing was held in the Great Hall of the George W. Truett Theological Seminary on the Baylor University campus in Waco, Texas. David Music called the class together leading 59. John Woods offered the opening prayer. Beverly Coates gave a few introductory remarks about Sacred Harp.

The following officers were appointed: Chairman—Dr. David Music; Secretary/Arranging Committee—Tammy Powell.

Leaders: Gaylon Powell 36b; Scott Curran 217; Ines Luettgen 319; Larry Hall 78; Jerry Ryan 111t; Jonathan Pendleton 354b; Evelyn Lamb 198; Janie Short 68b; Mike Hinton 373 (in memory of Amanda Denson); Becky Robertson 155; Gayle Avant 45t; Bruce Coates 569b; John Woods 63; Bobby Watkins 376; Jonathan Sanford 29b; Stephan Marman 179; Robert Vaughn 419; Jo Pendleton 31t; Leon Ballinger 454.


The class was called back together. Leaders: Beverly Coates 148; Owen Ross 193; Chris Nicholson 162; Ben Griffin 178; Bodie Gilbert 180; Anne Strickard 128; M.J. Gallop 84; Ben Tallcott 282; Stephen Carver 452; Margo Dana-Weiss 159; Tammy Powell 163b; Tim McKinney 354b; Chloe Webb 146; Gaylon Powell 278b; Scott Curran 472. Announcements were made. Dr. Terry York offered the prayer for lunch.


David Music called the class together leading 99. Leaders: Terry York 147t; Randal Bradley 58; Ines Luettgen 383; Larry Hall 171; Jerry Ryan 421; Evelyn Lamb 215; Janie Short 270; Mike Hinton 40; Gayle Avant 73b; Bruce Coates 313b; Bobby Watkins 460; Stephen Marman 43; Robert Vaughn 535; Jo Pendleton 448b; Chris Pillsbury 34b; Leon Ballinger 280; Beverly Coates 318; Owen Ross 327; Chris Nicholson 223; Chloe Webb 35; Ben Griffin 53; Tammy Powell 142.


David Music called the class back leading 47t. Leaders: Bobby Watkins 49b; Beverly Coates 88b; Gaylon Powell 236; Evelyn Lamb 47b; Owen Ross 503; Jerry Ryan 87; Jerry Ryan and Gaylon Powell 408; Scott Curran 504; Chris Nicholson 47t.

Bobby Watkins led the closing song. Dr. David Music offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Dr. David Music; Secretary—Tammy Powell