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Olney Sacred Harp Singing

Sutcliffe Baptist Church, Olney, Buckinghamshire, UK

Saturday, November 10, 2007

A special singing took place in Olney to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the death of John Newton, who, along with William Cowper, lived in the town in which they wrote the Olney Hymns. The singing was called to order by Ian West leading 441. Simon White offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Ian West; Vice Chairman—Helen Brown; Secretary—Margaret Gillanders; Arranging Committee—David Richardson.

Leaders: Helen Brown 36b; Margaret Gillanders 171; Ted Brown 30t; Bernard Collard 28t; Rachel Jordan 66; Nick Hall 515; Rosalind Oldham 452; Chris Brown 127; Sheila Girling Macadam 63; Phil Tyler 339; Edwin Macadam 287; Gillian White 47t; David Richardson 34t.


Ian West called the class back together leading 56t. Leaders: Linda Reed 300; Michael Walker 74b; Helen Brown 68b; James Percival 474; Margaret Gillanders 523; Ted Brown 133 (CB); Sheila Girling Macadam 440; Nick Hall 528; Rachel Jordan 501; Bernard Collard 362; Cheri Hardy 203; Edwin Macadam 472; Rosalind Oldham 488t (CB); Chris Brown 335; Gillian White 159; Ian West 505 (CB); Phil Tyler 98 (CB); Linda Reed 479; Michael Walker 144; Margaret Gillanders 500 (CB); James Percival 34b; Sheila Girling Macadam 168; Nick Hall 497; Ted Brown 99. Bernard Collard said grace before noon meal.


During the lunch recess, most of the class walked to the nearby church yard, where they sang 148 and 45t around the tomb of John Newton and his wife Mary.

David Richardson re-convened the class by leading 31t. Leaders: Rachel Jordan 40; Bernard Collard 454; Cheri Hardy 228; Edwin Macadam 504; Rosalind Oldham 54t (CB); Chris Brown 113. Gillian White conducted the memorial lesson for the following deceased: John McDougal, Gill Blackmore, Kathy Dunn, Edna Leonard, Michael Clarke, Vera Ross, Ken Ross, Margaret Ranner, Dennis Runcorn, Peter Hampson, Hélène La Rue, Ken Binns, Len Killey, Percy Bown, LaRue Allen, Colin Heburn, Eric Heburn, and Margaret Heburn.

Gillian White also read the names of the following sick and housebound: Amanda Denson, Pat Meek, John Burke, Susan Hill, George Keeling, Phil Goodwin, Stan Shaw, Joan Mattock, Gaenor Kyffin, and Rose Girling Baker. Ted Brown led 48t in honor of the above named.

Leaders: Ian West 56b; Linda Reed 86; Phil Tyler 340; Helen Brown 327; Bob Lilley 491 (CB); Gillian White 128 (CB); Michael Walker 89; Margaret Gillanders 475; James Percival 178; Sheila Girling Macadam 547.


Nick Hall called the class together leading 573. Leaders: Rosalind Oldham 503; Ted Brown 119; Rachel Jordan 269; Bernard Collard 315; Cheri Hardy 272; Edwin Macadam 189; Chris Brown 198; Linda Reed 570; Ian West 105; Helen Brown 142; Bob Lilley 497 (CB); Gillian White 573 (CB); Phil Tyler 217; Margaret Gillanders 72b; Cheri Hardy 302.

After announcements were made and reports given, Helen Brown and Ian West led 323t. Simon White offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Ian West; Vice Chairman—Helen Brown; Secretary—Margaret Gillanders