Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Ohio Folklife Festival Singing

Columbus, Ohio

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The inaugural Ohio Folklife Festival was held on September 15-16, 2007, on the campus of the Ohio Historical Society’s headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.

An all day singing was held in the Town Hall, in the re-created nineteenth century Ohio Village, as part of the festival. Festival singing organizer Laura Russell welcomed singers and called the class to order leading 72b. Jim Herr offered a prayer.

Leaders: David Casenhiser 569b; Jim Herr 30t; C. Keith Collins 56t; Beth Todd 171; Debbi Hall 66; Judith McDowell 107; Kay Huener 38b; Clara Herr 209; Sue Duff 36b; Cleve Callison 479; Rich Overturf 312b; Michael Darby 38t; Will Reilly 235; Don Plummer 81t; Steve Duff 32t; Lorraine Cathala 335; Joe Todd 102; Julie Hughes 128.


The class was called back by Beth Todd leading 49t. Leaders: David Casenhiser 87; Jim Herr 35; C. Keith Collins 198; Beth Todd 501; Debbi Hall 40; Judith McDowell 46; Kay Huener 34b; Sue Duff 84; Cleve Callison 276; Rich Overturf 47b; Michael Darby 313t; Don Plummer 155; Will Reilly 515; Joel Henry Mansfield 218; Steve Duff 454.


C. Keith Collins conducted an informative singing workshop over the lunch break for singers and festival goers. The singing resumed with Jim Herr leading 48t. Leaders: Barbara Bowers 49b; Leslie Scott 106; Debbi Hall 192; Kay Huener 86; Joe Todd 373, 179; Laura Russell 142; David Casenhiser 146; Jim Herr 440; C. Keith Collins 245; Judith McDowell 189; Clara Herr 300; Sue Duff 299; Cleve Callison 254; Rich Overturf 328; Michael Darby 133.


Kay Huener called the class together leading 147t. Leaders: Will Reilly 27; Beth Todd 284; Steve Duff 29t; Leslie Scott 217; Lorraine Cathala 547; Julie Hughes 38b; Kay Huener 551; Don Plummer 200; David Casenhiser 384; Jim Herr 182; Debbi Hall 524.

Announcements were made and singers thanked for making Sacred Harp part of the festival. C. Keith Collins led 282 as the closing song, and Jim Herr offered the closing prayer.

Organizer and Secretary—Laura Russell; Chaplain—Jim Herr