Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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King School House (Mt. Vernon Baptist Church)

Natural Bridge, Alabama

June 16, 1996

The eighty-eighth session of the annual Sacred Harp singing held at Mt. Vernon Church was called to order by Clifford Wakefield leading song on page 30t. The morning prayer was led by Cecil Wakefield. Clifford Wakefield led song on page 30b. The class organized by electing and appointing the following officers: Chairman—Clifford Wakefield; Vice Chairman—John Hyde; Secretary—Josie Hyde; Arranging Committee—Travis Keeton. Clifford Wakefield led song on page 61. Leaders: A. A. Malone 68b, 203; Cecil Wakefield 290, 168; Arnold Moore 72b, 490; Gladys Bonds 57, 77t; Debra Wakefield 521, 394; Bill Hogan 36b, 155; Ila Ingle 145t, 278b; Jane Fulford 99, 300.


John Hyde called the class back to order leading songs on pages 159 and 73t. Leaders: Pat Shaddix 143, 222; Keith Deaton and Gene Wakefield 56t, 108b; Clearcy Rutledge 445b, 37b; Mae Conwill 206, 294 by request for Decoda Hallman; Tom Harper 392, 500, 358; Pernie Pelfrey 475, 371; Bradley Allen 546, 385b; Hubert Hood 454, 569 (t? b?).


Clifford Wakefield led song on page 480 to bring the class back to order. Clifford Wakefield, Wayne Wakefield, Windel Wakefield, Larry Wakefield, Gene Wakefield, Nadine Willis, Clara Stults, Faye Donaldson, Helen Langsford, Betty Baccus, Julie Postum, and Fayrene Wakefield (children of S. L. and Cathrine Wakefield); Geneva Horton (daughter of Arthur and Alice Ward); David Wakefield (son of Luthur and Mary Wakefield); Josie Hyde (daughter of A. M. and Minervia Harper) led songs on pages 426t, 426b, 333, 290, and 168 as a memorial for the loved ones gone on. Leaders: Josie Hyde 424, 225t; Elmer Conwill 299, 316; Margaret Keeton 129, 42; Beatrice Brewer 298, 373; Gravis Ballinger 34b, 110; Lena Keeton 498, 124; Earl Ballinger 144, 78; Amanda Denson 269, 217; Larry Ballinger 123t, 113; Faye Donaldson 273, 430; Helen Langston 391, 358; Odie Horton 170; Betty Baccus and Ashlie Cook 59, 145b; Larry Wakefield 153, 339; Windel Wakefield 317, 108t; Fayrene Wakefield 314, 208; Travis Keeton 482, 566. Clifford Wakefield led song on page 100 for the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer by Clifford Wakefield.

Chairman—Clifford Wakefield; Vice Chairman—John Hyde; Secretary—Josie Hyde.