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The “Connexion” and Jeremiah Ingalls Singing

Old Village Church, Newbury, Vermont

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Tom Malone and Joanna Lampert welcomed singers to the 3rd annual “Connexion” and Jeremiah Ingalls singing in Newbury, Vermont, on the Saturday before the fourth Sunday in July. The singing was from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition, and the four-shape edition of Ingalls’s 1805 tune book The Christian Harmony.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Co-chairpersons—Tom Malone and Joanna Lampert; Secretary—Jennie Brown.

The first session was held from The Sacred Harp, 1991 edition. Tom Malone called the class to order leading 31t. The opening prayer was offered by Rev. Donald Towle.

Leaders: Ben Bath 59; Paul Gauthier 34b; Jennie Brown 87; Ian Smiley 352; Kelsey Sunderland 89; James Page 351; Debby Moody 287; Terry Ryan 29t; Joanna Lampert 228; Elka Schuman 315; Aldo Ceresa 272; Corlyn Johnson 86; Dan Hertzler 556; L.H. Spencer 362; Greg Mulkern 112; Tom Malone 550.

The second morning session was held from the 2005 four-shape edition of The Christian Harmony by Jeremiah Ingalls (ICH). Leaders: Joanna Lampert 2; Ian Smiley 119; James Page 108 (t? b?); Nelly Farrington 78; Ben Bath 175; Paul Gauthier 106; Don Towle 46; Debby Moody 120; Aldo Ceresa 127; L.H. Spencer 117; Greg Mulkern 61; Robert Dove 177.

Aldo Ceresa conducted the memorial lesson and led 229 in memory of the following deceased: Flarce Creel—Alabama; Pat MacDowell, Marcia Tucker—New York; Minja Lausevic, Harold Madison Jr., Lynn Dalfours—Massachusetts; Carolyn Jones and Kate Brinton—Vermont.

Pam Regan led 32 (ICH) for the following sick and shut-ins: Lindsay Steel, Raymond Hamrick, Kelly Day, Bob Meek, Rita Higgins, Jennifer Lampert, Lesley Williams, Julie Williams, Susan Goss, Bob Scorgie, Pete Anderson, Joyce Anderson, and Dick Dunagan. The memorial was closed with prayer offered by Tom Malone.

Singing resumed with Nathan Zweig who led 114 (ICH). Leaders: John Ostwald 99 (ICH); Elka Schuman 60 (ICH); Neely Bruce 35 (ICH); Joanna Lampert 5 (ICH); Don Towle 105 (ICH); Ian Smiley 179 (ICH); James Page 185 (ICH); Nelly Farrington 36 (ICH); Ben Bath 25 (ICH); Tom Malone 19 (ICH).


The afternoon session was called to order by Aldo Ceresa leading 106. Leaders: Debby Moody 92 (ICH); Terry Ryan 43 (ICH); L.H. Spencer 111 (ICH) Leigh Tintle 217; Nathan Zweig 40; Paul Gauthier 426b; John Ostwald 260; Elka Schuman 221 (ICH); Greg Mulkern 166 (ICH); Anne Johnston 294; Neely Bruce 7 (ICH); Chris Holley 277; Joanna Lampert 56b; Dan Hertzler 77 (ICH); Robert Dove 474 (ICH); Don Towle 153 (ICH); Ian Smiley 97 (ICH); Kelsey Sunderland 203; James Page 52 (ICH); Nelly Farrington 75 (ICH); Jennie Brown 383.


Ben Bath called the class to order leading 74b. Leaders: Aldo Ceresa 142; Joanna Lampert 192; Terry Ryan 299; Debby Moody 156; John Ostwald 241 (ICH); Elka Schumann 479; Leigh Tintle 31 (ICH); Anne Johnston 42 (ICH); Greg Mulkern 424; Nellie Farrington 95 (ICH); Chris Holley 268; Dan Hertzler 48 (ICH); Kelsey Sunderland 99; Robert Dove 503; Jennie Brown 384; James Page 143 (ICH); Donald Towle 47 (ICH); Paul Gauthier 542; L.H. Spencer 254; Ian Smiley 44 (ICH); Tom Malone 348b.

Joanna Lampert led 57 (ICH) as the closing song. Rev. Don Towle offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Co-chairpersons—Tom Malone and Joanna Lampert; Secretary—Jennie Brown