Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Spivey Hall Singing

Clayton State University, Morrow, Georgia

Saturday, July 14, 2007

The 5th annual Sacred Harp singing at Spivey Hall was held on Saturday before the third Sunday in July. Gene Pinion called the class to order leading 138b. He welcomed everyone then introduced Amber Dimkoff, and offered the morning prayer.

A business session was held with the following officers and committee members elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Gene Pinion; Vice Chairperson—Amber Dimkoff; Secretary—Lela Crowder; Arranging Committee—Tony Hammock; Chaplain—Charles Woods.

Leaders: Amber Dimkoff 145b; Lela Crowder 283, 441; Tony Hammock 434, 60; Charles Woods 400, 448b; Robert Chambless 480, 225 (t? b?); Charlene Wallace and Argean Vokes 159, 63; Robert Kelley 319, 318; Wayne Gammons 49b, 152; Joyce Walton 75; George Burnett 417, 421; Judy Chambless 82t, 339.


The class was called together by Gene Pinion leading 144. Leaders: Gaston White 99, 66; Andy Anderson 38b, 59; Jackie Reed 268, 145t; Hugh McGraw 510; Michael Haverty 445, 345b; Jeannette DePoy, Stephanie Tingler, and Roslyn Woods 229, 274t; Martha Ann Stegar 155, 40; Eric Tweedy 236.


Gene Pinion and Jackie Thomas called the class to order for the afternoon session leading 354b. Leaders: Richard DeLong and Martin Hardin 275b, 178; Joan Durdin 148, 45t; Bob Goodman 497, 569b; Becky Hafner-Camp and James Camp 58, 324; Charles Woods 506; James Chambless 503; Judy Chambless 490; Gaston White and Paul White 84; Joyce Walton 428; Wayne Gammons 475; Robert Kelley 340; Argean Vokes 73b; Andy Anderson 61.


Gene Pinion called the class back together leading 209. Leaders: Ann Wells 128; Jackie Reed 53; George Burnett 129; Amber Dimkoff 535; Stephanie Tingler 437; Lela Crowder and Robert Kelley 33b; Tony Hammock 348b; Paul White 35; David Floyd 457; Charlene Wallace, Carlene Griffin, and Faith McCollister 276; Gene Pinion and Elaine Davies 254.

Gene Pinion thanked everyone in the class for coming to support the singing. Announcements were made. Gene Pinion, Amber Dimkoff, Lela Crowder, and Tony Hammock led 62 as the closing song. Gene Pinion offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Gene Pinion; Vice Chairperson—Amber Dimkoff; Secretary—Lela Crowder