Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Golden Gate Singing

San Francisco, California

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The 3rd annual Golden Gate Singing was held at the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House in San Francisco, California, on the Saturday before the fourth Sunday in April. Betty Marvin convened the class at 9:30 a.m. leading 34b. Will Fitzgerald offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: David Fetcho 86; Carolyn Deacy 63; Chris Thorman 216; Will Fitzgerald 77t; Susan Fetcho 142; Greg Freemon 276; Inder Khalsa 324.

A business meeting was held. The following officers were elected to serve: Chairman—Mark Miller; Vice Chairperson—Natalia Cecire; Secretary—Linda Selph. The business meeting was closed.

Leaders: Mark Miller 29t; Natalia Cecire 72b; Linda Selph 68b; Terry Moore 191; Philip Gerrie 302; Colin Kinlund 41; Bob Brylawski 122; Paul Ralston 168; Midge Harder 408; Hal Eisen 143; Doug Olsen 291; Erik Schutter 200.

The Chairman announced the appointment of the following committees: Arranging Committee—Natalia Cecire and Betty Marvin; Chaplain—Will Fitzgerald; Finance Committee—Chris Thorman and Janet Herman; Resolutions Committee—Carolyn Deacy and Connie Stanton.


Jill Accetta brought the class back together leading 37b. Leaders: Gretchen Muller 565; Mark Forry 31t; Martha Sherwood 312b; James Welsch 105; Rebecca Edwards 460; Connie Stanton 171; Shelby Sampson 497; Darlene Dalton 454; Chris Thorman 59; Jeremy Knight 270; Jessica Beer 434; Steve Helwig 228; Janet Herman 411; Tamara Harris 222; Jill Accetta 475; Stephen Elrick 58.


Rebecca Edwards brought the class back together leading 155. Leaders: David Ralston and Paul Ralston 300; Jeannette Ralston 442; Inder Khalsa and Melissa Ford 159; Mark Miller 360; Susan Fetcho 384; Greg Freemon 67; Natalia Cecire 344; Peter Ross 410t; Carolyn Deacy 330b; Will Fitzgerald 56b; Linda Selph 70t; Ruth Gorrin 209; Betty Marvin 177; David Fetcho 213t; Terry Moore 99; Chris Thorman 298; Midge Harder 297. Will Fitzgerald offered the noon prayer.


Hal Eisen opened the afternoon session leading 178. Leaders: James Welsch 179; Mark Forry 269; Tamara Harris 436; Darlene Dalton 312t; Steve Helwig 322; Janet Herman 546; Jill Accetta 383; Rebecca Edwards 440; Will Fitzgerald 547; Jessica Beer 372; Connie Stanton 480; Greg Freemon 131t; Martha Sherwood 350; Susan Fetcho 146; Stephen Elrick 361; Gretchen Wegner and Theron Shaw 106; Chris Thorman 245.


Tamara Harris brought the class back together leading 81t. Leaders: Terry Barber 272; David Ralston and Paul Ralston 38b; Gretchen Muller 472; Ruth Gorrin 273; Philip Gerrie 365; Anna Williams 457; Gregg Gorrin 254; Erik Schutter 193; Shelby Sampson 30b; Hal Eisen 313b; Mark Miller 183; Jeremy Knight 339; Jeannette Ralston 175; Bob Brylawski 163t; Peter Ross 66; Natalia Cecire 112; Linda Selph 35; Will Fitzgerald 235.

Announcements were made. Mark Miller, Betty Marvin, and Natalia Cecire led 62 as the closing song. Will Fitzgerald offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Mark Miller; Vice Chairperson—Natalia Cecire; Secretary—Linda Selph