Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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W.A. Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Myers, and
Elsie Beasley Memorial

New Hope Primitive Baptist Church, Walker County, Alabama

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The annual Sacred Harp singing held in memory of W.A. Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Myers, and Elsie Beasley was held at New Hope Primitive Baptist Church in Walker County, Alabama, on the fourth Sunday in October. The class was called to order by Marlin Beasley leading 75. The morning prayer was offered by Glenn Keeton. Marlin Beasley led 47t.

The class was organized with the following officers elected: Chairman—Marlin Beasley; Vice Chairman—Richard Mauldin; Secretary—Nora Parker; Arranging Committee—Sarah Smith.

Leaders: Richard Mauldin 274t, 378t; Willodean Barton 290, 460; Clarence McCool 235, 535; Elizabeth Keeton 385b, 378b; Wilton Donaldson 32t, 100; Sharon Spiller and Samantha Spiller 101t, 108t; Steve Adams and Jennifer Allred 129, 309; Wanda Capps 546; Chug Beasley 61, 33b.


The class resumed singing with Marlin Beasley leading 517. Leaders: Gary Smith 225t, 565; Jennifer Allred 99, 147t; Travis Keeton 142, 319; Charlotte McCarn 358, 143; Kermit Adams 215, 192 (in memory of Elsie Beasley); Becky Briggs 318 (in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Myers), 336; Harrison Creel 498, 111b; Amanda Denson and Jennifer Allred 111t, 477; Glenn Keeton 365, 163t; Lisa Geist 361, 373.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Marlin Beasley leading 270. Leaders: Bea Carnathan and Nadene Willis 354b, 145t; Larry Ballinger 301, 234; Elene Stovall 189, 362; Henry Guthery 176b, 182; Margaret Keeton 120, 456; Velton Chafin 521, 488.

Nora Parker conducted the memorial lesson, stating that several members of the singing community thought that Elsie Beasley’s name should be added to the memorial. She then led 394 and 36b in memory of W.A. Parker.

Richard Mauldin read the names of the deceased: Teddy Creel, John Hyde, Donnie McGraw, L.E. Hannah, Kelly Beard, and Elsie Beasley. He then led 124 in memory of Teddy Creel and 43 in memory of John Hyde and the other deceased.

Henry Guthery read the names of the sick and shut-ins: Felton Denney, Josephine Denney, Jimmie Denney, Dick Mauldin, Edith Tate, Clayton Ezell, Roxie Keeton, and Elsie Moon. He then led 28b in their honor, and 340 in honor of Mrs. Parnell, who cleans the church. Sarah Smith, Marlin Beasley, Bunk Beasley, and Becky Briggs led 480 in memory of Elsie Beasley. Henry Guthery and Richard Mauldin led 146 for the sick and deceased. Marlin Beasley closed the memorial with prayer.

Elene Stovall and Amanda Denson led 436 in honor of Reedie Powell, who is 93 years young; remembered Butch Aldridge, who passed away on Friday; and led 97 in honor of Corene White, who is 93 years young. Clarence McCool led 73t in memory of John Hyde.

Marlin Beasley and Richard Mauldin led 323t as the closing song. Harrison Creel dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Marlin Beasley; Vice Chairman—Richard Mauldin; Secretary—Nora Parker.