Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Chestnut Grove Baptist Church

Ider, Alabama

Sunday, October 8, 2006

The eightieth session of the annual Chestnut Grove Sacred Harp singing was held on the second Sunday in October. The singing is held in memory of its founder, Elder C.G. (Uncle Tobe) Keith, and long time singing school teacher in this area, Henry Ott.

Co-Chairs Loretta Smith and Amy Smith called the class to order at 10:00 a.m. leading 37b. Pastor Steve Lea offered the morning prayer. Loretta Smith and Amy Smith led 39t.

Leaders: Mike Thompson 59; Billy Thompson 176t, 145t; S.T. Reed 144, 145b; Robert Walker 49t, 49b; Joyce Walton 40; Henry Johnson 515, 88t; Linda Sides 312b (in memory of Bill Thomas), 448t; Sarah Jenkins 274t, 75; Karen Ivey 440, 32t; Joel Jenkins 101t, 159; Shawn Carroll and MacKenzie Carroll 28b, 47b.


The class resumed singing with Loretta Smith and Amy Smith leading 348b. Leaders: Shane Wootten 317, 505 (CB) (in memory of Henry Ott); Donna Wootten 74b, 76b; Jackie Tanner 73t, 208; Marty Wootten 171; Cindy Tanner 335, 498; Lavon Wootten 176b.

Loretta Smith and Amy Smith conducted the memorial lesson and led 147t for the following sick and shut-ins: Paul Honea, Preshis Honea, Ernest Guger, Genora Meadows, and Maureen Brown.

Loretta Smith and Amy Smith led 452 for the following deceased: Robbie Hulgan, Mack McCurdy, Gerald Wootten, Rachel Downer, Jap Walton, Willie Lacy, Irene Tolbert, Bill Blackburn, Clara Evans, Betty Jean Ivey, Mark Wilson, Robert Thacker, Patsy Crow, Jimmie Drake, Dale Hendricks, Mildred Meadows, Bunk Hicks, Sherman Bryant, and Bill Thomas. The memorial lesson was closed with prayer by Pastor Steve Lea.


Rodney Ivey brought the afternoon session to order leading 129. Rodney Ivey led 45t for Pearl Sullivan (granddaughter of Uncle Tobe Keith) and (in memory of Bill Gifford), 517 (WB).

Leaders: Cheyenne Ivey and Teresa Parker 282; Marty Wootten 164 (by request); Myrlene Marsa and Michael Thompson 490; Coy Ivey 486t (WB) (in memory of Henry Ott); Jared Wootten, Hayden Wootten, Jamey Wootten, and Donna Wootten 56t; Jared Wootten, Hayden Wootten, and Jamey Wootten 36b, 59; Loretta Smith and Amy Smith 551 (by request); Winnie Blevins, David Ivey, and Rodney Ivey 136, 492 (WB); Will Kerby 99; Hobert Ivey and Sylvia Ivey 270, 47t; Loyd Ivey 501 (CB); Eloise Wootten and Marlon Wootten 441; Donna Ruth Durdin and Shane Wootten 478t (WB); Michael Thompson 460; Joyce Walton 383; Henry Johnson 111b.

Following announcements, Loretta Smith and Amy Smith led 62 as the closing song, and the class was dismissed with prayer by Joel Jenkins.

Co-Chairs—Loretta Smith and Amy Smith; Secretary—Amy Smith.