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Michiana Singing

New Testament Baptist Church, Goshen, Indiana

Saturday, July 15, 2006

The nineteenth annual Michiana Singing was called to order by Mathew Lind leading 49t. Christine Guth offered the morning prayer and led 31t.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Matthew Lind; Treasurer—James Nelson Gingerich; Secretary—Samuel Sommers.

Leaders: Samuel Sommers 386; Michael Miller 63; John Bahler 196; Cathryn Bearov 475; Roger Williams 423; James Nelson Gingerich 171; Suzanne Flandreau 474; Ginny Landgraf 383; Rachel Miller Jacobs and Ben Jacobs 29t; Andrew Kiser and Idy Kiser 218; William Shetter 36b; Lou Kujawinski 349; Ryan Wheeler 354b; Edward Thomas, Grace Thomas, and Ted Johnson 76b; Beth Todd 284; Doug Stapleton 318; Karen Ivey 472; Darrell Swarens 335; Rachel Adelstein 373; Matthew Lind 145b.


James Nelson Gingerich brought the class back to order leading 148. Leaders: Brad Bahler 312b; Judy Crawford 270; David Yeager 240; Charlotte Wolfe 114; Laurel Cornell 38t; John Fink 106; Ted Mercer 416; Joan Aldridge 142; Jim Page 538; Grace Scrimgeour 216; Linda Speck 479; David Rust 477; Coy Ivey 384.


Rachel Miller Jacobs called the class to order with 39t. Leaders: Greg Howard 448t; Kay Huener 276; Pleasance Crawford 486; Roger Crabtree 31t; Lela Crowder 110; Hans Bayer and Jubal Bayer 455; Melanie Hauff 68t.

The memorial lesson for the deceased was conducted by Will Fitzgerald, who read the following list and then led 124 in their memory: Teddy Creel, Bill Green, Lois Sheppard Stanton, and Elsie Beasley—Alabama; Martha Eaton—California; Sgt Phil Dodson—Georgia; Al Frank and Violet Stark—Illinois; Budd Stallnaker, Mary Dell, and Ellis Croyle—Indiana; Aurelia Grieshop—Iowa; George Critchlow—Massachusetts; Donald Williams and Joan Hahn—Michigan; Patrick Giles—New York; Ed Huener and Margaret Sihler Anderson—Ohio; Alice Mercer—Tennessee.

Samuel Sommers spoke for the sick and shut-ins, and led 368 in their honor: Elsie Moon, Edith Tate, and Clarence McCool—Alabama; Katie Adelstein—Connecticut; Richard DeLong—Georgia; Amy Knickrehm—Illinois; Shirley Figura and Jeanette Lowry—Missouri; Sturgis Miller—Ohio; Edith Owen—Texas; Cathryn Bearov—Virginia; Dick Dunagan, Bob Scorgie, and Bob Anderson—Wisconsin. Christine Guth closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Marcia Johnson 340; Kent Beck 87.


James Nelson Gingerich brought the class back to order leading 59. Leaders: John Bayer 290; Cheyenne Ivey and Jessica Ivey 155; Reba Windom 300; Bill Beverly 547; Janet Fraembs 532; David Ivey and Allison Ivey 481; Megan Jennings 189; Syble Adams 99; Lori Graber and Hannah Graber 279; Warren Steel 296; Bobby Watkins and Mercy Watkins 203; Adrian Eldridge 61; Janet Wright 34b; Rodney Ivey 200.


Samuel Sommers led 100 to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Martha Beverly 267; Jackson Pietrzak 496; Ben Jacobs and eight members of high school church Explorers’ Group 40, 159; Elizabeth Lowe 268; Will Fitzgerald 365; Judy Hauff 536; Penny Kujawinski 77t; Regina Bayer 430; Ted Johnson 419; Jan May 178; Karen Bahler 117; Joe Todd 102; Steve Duff 454; Loraine Bayer 225t; Molly Williams 112; Coy Ivey 137; Debbie Lowe and Marcia Johnson 86.

Announcements were made. Matthew Lind led 62 while the class took the parting hand. Christine Guth dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Matthew Lind; Treasurer—James Nelson Gingerich; Secretary—Samuel Sommers.