Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Oxford City Hall

Oxford, Mississippi

Sunday, March 12, 2006

The twenty-sixth annual Sacred Harp singing at Oxford City Hall was called to order by Warren Steel leading 138b. Mark Davis offered the morning prayer. Warren Steel led 171; Mark Tew led 339.

The class was organized by electing the following officers: Chairman—Warren Steel; Vice Chairman—Mark Tew; Secretary—John Merritt; Arranging Committee—Elene Stovall and Lisa Geist.

Leaders: John Hyde 104; Sarah Smith 111b; Travis Keeton 179; Sandie Scott 235; Marlin Beasley 336; Samantha Spiller 100; Eugene Forbes 212; Faye Donaldson 430; John Van Horn 189; Elizabeth Keeton 178; Velton Chafin 355; Ann Rush 358; Bunk Beasley 354b; Marilyn Burchett 131b.


Mark Tew and Steve Lewis called the class together leading 40. Leaders: Gary Smith 565; Natalie Davis 45t; John Merritt and Ollie Redmon 294, 274t; Kurt Davis 268; Chuck Howell 49b; Juanita Beasley 61; Steve Adams 129; Andrew Albers 124; Andy Davis 269.


Elene Stovall called the class together leading 192 then introduced Robert Stewart, son of the late R.A. Stewart, founder of the Sacred Harp Hour on WCPC radio, and they led 143. Leaders: Nancy Redmon 454; Gravis Ballinger 203; Margaret Keeton 273; Jeff Corbett 66; Lisa Geist “Ashley”; Glenn Keeton “Joshua”; Warren Steel 280.


The afternoon session began with Warren Steel leading 142. Leaders: Henry McGuire 183; Ann Fox 68b; Don Traylor 408; Amber Davis 216; Larry Ballinger 151; John Plunkett 150.

A memorial lesson was held. Warren Steel read a cumulative list of deceased singers who attended the City Hall singing over the past 25 years, and led 285t in their memory. Elene Stovall read the names of those deceased since March 2005: Ruth Aaron, Elsie Beasley, Cecile Cox, Ivalene Donaldson, Ora Lee Fannin, L.E. Hannah, and Bill McGuire. Margaret Keeton led 50b in their memory. Max Berueffy led 532 for the sick and homebound, and John Merritt closed the memorial with prayer.

Leaders: Wanda Capps 546; Mark Davis 436; Hugh Bill McGuire 328; Sarah Tidwell 42; Josie Hyde 507; Harrison Creel 498; Brenda Merritt 542; Charlie Meek 47b; Jack Barbera 139; Allison Ivey 440, “Sweet Beulah Land”; Hugh Bill McGuire 236 (in memory of R.A. Stewart); Natalie Davis 345t; John Plunkett 564; Eugene Forbes 495; George Plouff 406.

Following announcements, the officers led the closing song on page 345b, and John Van Horn dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Warren Steel; Vice Chairman—Mark Tew; Secretary—John Merritt.