Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Yellow Springs

Friends Meetinghouse, Yellow Springs, Ohio

April 20, 1996

The twelfth semi-annual Sacred Harp singing at Yellow Springs was called to order by Linda Coppock leading songs on pages 147t and 299. The class organized by electing the following: Chair—Linda Coppock; Vice Chair—John Bealle; Treasurer—Chris Cox; Arranging Committee—Deb Hall; Secretary—Marlen Rust. Leaders: John Bealle 569b, 543; Marlen Rust 84, 66; Eric Conrad 168, 70b; Chris Cox 163b, 72b; Deb Hall 200, 146; Virginia Benade 49b, 28b.


Linda Coppock called the class back together by leading the first verse of the song on page 34b. Leaders: Eloise Clark 81t, 524; Laura Russell 91, 268; Loraine Bayer 77t, 133; John Bayer 331, 125. The square was made larger so leading by walking the time could be done. John Bayer and Jodi Liss led song on page 47t while walking the tempo, a pattern they learned from a group of singers from Hoboken, Georgia. Jodie Liss called all singers from Cincinnati into the center of the square to lead 573, as a celebration of their singing all the way through the book during the last 31 (t? b?) months. Leaders: Sylvia Thomas 196, 444; Laurel Cornell 236, 178; Bill Shetter 454, 277.


After an abundant lunch, the afternoon session was resumed with Eric Conrad leading song on page 155. Leaders: Paul Foster 42, 442; Jim Coppock 313b, 273; Ann Marie Bullock 455, 549b; Loretta Beckner 532, 132; Barbara Bowers 312b, 324; Charles Knecht 430, 142; Michael Darby 370, 102. A memorial lesson was conducted by Linda Coppock, and songs on pages 86 and 288 were sung in memory of the following deceased: Richard Froton, Walter Bibler, Mariann Lucas, Jack Everts, Dox Rex, Frank Sensel and the victims of the Oklahoma bombing. The sick and shut-ins remembered were: Charles Wells, Alyce Stadulis, Virgil Phillips, Ruby Phillips, Brandon Kinder, and Tammy Webster.


Linda Coppock called the class back together by leading the second verse of the song on page 34b. Leaders: Kathy Knecht 184, 143; Marlen Rust 276; Laurel Cornell 497; Eric Conrad and John Bayer 71; Bill Shetter 38t; Virginia Benade 38b; Laura Russell 535; Michael Darby 480; John Bayer 278b; Charles Knecht 126; John Bealle 45t; Barbara Bowers 348t.


John Bealle called the class to order by leading song on page 63. Leaders: Eloise Clark 229; Chris Cox 491; Loraine Bayer 225t; Jim Coppock 135; Paul Foster 377; Linda Coppock 542; Deb Hall 344; Kathy Knecht 373; Laurel Cornell 358; Bill Shetter 145 (t? b?); Virginia Benade 52t; Charles Knecht 352; Paul Foster 415; Kathy Knecht 87. Linda Coppock led song on page 114 for the closing song. The closing prayer was given by John Bayer.

Chair—Linda Coppock; Vice Chair—John Bealle; Secretary—Marlen Rust.