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Michiana Singing

New Testament Baptist Church, Goshen, Indiana

Saturday, July 16, 2005

James Nelson Gingerich opened the eighteenth annual Michiana Singing with 47t. Rachel Miller Jacobs offered an opening prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Matthew Lind; Treasurer—James Nelson Gingerich; Secretary—Samuel Sommers.

Leaders: Matthew Lind 34b; Samuel Sommers 112; Rachel Miller Jacobs 361; Michael Miller 551; Christine Guth 49t; Sam Jacobs 39t; Kent Beck 148; Laura Short 178; John Fink 183; Bob Meek 68b; Mary Oyer 455; Jubal Bayer 388; Jim Helke 332; Nancy Yeager 489; Andrew Kiser 344; Rachel Adelstein 268; Brad Bahler 94; Pat Temple 373; Pauline Childers and Henry Schuman 318.


Samuel Sommers brought the class back with 319. Leaders: David Rust 391; Gary Gronau 411; Janet Wright 300; Joe Todd 179; Steve Postellon 453; Sarah Smith 73t; Jim Page 272; Anne Steel 480; Bobby Watkins 522; Regina Bayer 532; Coy Ivey and Regina Bayer 384; Peggy Brayfield 385t; Becky Browne 362.


Matthew Lind brought the class in with 127. Leaders: Ben Jacobs 99; Peter Bradley 163b; Katherine Manning 528; John Bayer 86; Connie Karduck 222; Elene Stovall 436.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Samuel Sommers who spoke of the community of singers. Even though some have passed on, we’re all one family which dwells in God. The names of the deceased were read: Jap Walton, John Hocutt, Ivalene Donaldson, and Martha Woodard—Alabama; Dean Slaton—Indiana; Ruth White—Illinois; Tom Gibney—New Jersey; Roxanna Mennella and Phyllis Flandreau—New York; Ruth Sutton and Joseph Hohler—Michigan; Darlene McDonough—Minnesota; Philip Alderman—Missouri; Jane L. Heaton—Nevada; Baba Werner—Pennsylvania; Mark Ayers—South Carolina; Austin Burchett—Tennessee; Kelly Beard—Texas; David Van Allen Hotaling and John Pfender—Washington. Syble Adams led 299 for the deceased.

Samuel Sommers read the list of names of the sick and shut-ins: Edith Tate, Harrison Creel, and Flarce Creel—Alabama; Sheila Brown—Delaware; Vi Stark, Al Frank, Grace Scrimgeour, Marcia Johnson, Lisa Grayson, John Stevenson, Mark Graber, and Lori Graber—Illinois; Rudy Martens—Indiana; Judith Herman and Donald Williams—Michigan; Jeanette Lowry—Missouri; Bob Scorgie and Bob Anderson—Wisconsin. Syble Adams and Samuel Sommers led 97 in honor of the sick and shut-ins. Rachel Miller Jacobs closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Ann Miczulski 30t; Sandi Scott 282.


James Nelson Gingerich brought the class back for the afternoon session by leading 29t. Leaders: Cathryn Baker 216; Roger Williams 298; Jenn Dolan 454; Rochelle Lodder 378b; Judy Caudle 540; Jo Schultz and Jeanne Salathiel 47b; Bill Beverly 547; Judy Crawford 203; Rodney Ivey 225t; Joan Aldridge 228; Doug Stapleton 440; Mary Wright 390; Linda Thomas 123t; Lisa Cohen 146; Warren Steel 377; Ted Mercer 302; Syble Adams 448t; Linda Speck and Warren Steel 236.


Christine Guth brought the class back to order with 124. Leaders: Molly Williams 128; Hans Bayer 385b; Bill Wiebenga 38b; Mary Postellon 155; Gary Smith 569b; Ginny Landgraf 433; Beth Todd 32t; John Bahler 114; Janet Fraembs 335; Martha Beverly 504; Marta Gossage 63; David Yeager 240; Sue Kessell 365; Sam Farwell 40; Charlotte Wolfe 64; Naomi Frick 350; Kris Richardson 217.

Announcements were made. Matthew Lind led 62 for the closing song as the class took the parting hand. Rachel Miller Jacobs dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Matthew Lind; Secretary—Samuel Sommers.