Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Quebec Singing Convention

Waterville, Ways Mills, Quebec

July 15-16, 2005

Friday, July 15

The eleventh annual Quebec Singing Convention was called to order at the Jubilee Hall in Waterville, Quebec on Friday before the third Sunday in July by Chairperson Jackie Hall leading 47t. Chuck Neville offered an opening prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairperson—Jackie Hall; Secretary—Chuck Neville.

Leaders: Pleasance Crawford 34b; Cheryl Stroud 455; Cathy Brochet 86; Guy Bankes 350; Bob Parr 228; Pleasance Crawford 338; Cheryl Stroud 107; Joan Brunskill 452; Corrone Bryant 147t; Hal Booth 73b; Phil Dutton 66; Cathy Brochet 523; Bobby Goodell 40; Guy Bankes 481; Bob Parr 480; Pleasance Crawford 100; Cheryl Stroud 198.


Jackie Hall called the class back to order leading 276. Leaders: Corrone Bryant 171; Howard Katz 99; Hal Booth 569b; Phil Dutton 503; Karen Keller 47b; Bobby Goodell 186; Cathy Brochet 178; Guy Bankes 68b; Bob Parr 501; Pleasance Crawford 391; Cheryl Stroud 183; Joan Brunskill 551; Corrone Bryant 515.

Jackie Hall led 212 as the closing song. A closing prayer was offered by Martin Sadler, and the class was dismissed.

Saturday, July 16

The class was called to order at the Town Hall of Ways Mills, Quebec by Chairperson Jackie Hall leading 168. David Dutton offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Bob Parr 128; Pleasance Crawford 270; Diane Holmlund 72b; Chuck Neville 49b; Gloria Thomson 146; Chris Holy 312b; Mary Neville 86; Corrone Bryant 235; Howard Katz 59; Hal Booth 34b; Joan Brunskill 143; Karen Keller 141; Cathy Brochet 452.


The class resumed singing. Leaders: Guy Bankes 287; Wendy Gilchrist 300; Don Peabody 159; John Brunskill 84; Jim Armstrong 282; Leonard Spencer 250; Bruce Kokerno 344.

Cathy Brochet conducted the memorial lesson and spoke of the comfort to the grieving in the words of the hymns of the Sacred Harp. The following deceased were remembered: Sylvia Levesque Brochet, Edith Duval Brochet, Ian Tait, Erika Schneidler, Helen Harrison, Betty Haile, Madeleine Mayrand, David Graham, Susan Goldberg, Frank Conor, Art Broadus, Allen Fannin, Tom Gibney, Phil Tabor, Marguerite Prevost, Elaine Katz, Alice Peabody, Travis Fuller, Lorraine Harrison, Bill Standish, Ruby Elizabeth Wojcik, Katherine Brand, and Gilbert Keller. Cathy Brochet led 32b in memory of those who had passed away.

Cathy Brochet then read the names of the sick and shut-ins and led 163 (t? b?) in their honor: Rhonda Abrams, Andrew Holmlund, Priscilla Baker, Grace Kelley, Nancy and Gene Reid, and Rich Bartlett. The memorial was closed.

Leaders: Cheryl Stroud 53; Janet Snyder 50t; Gloria Thomson 551; Pleasance Crawford 524; Chris Holly 475; Mary Neville 497; Coronne Bryant 184; Chuck Neville 217; Cheryl Stroud 180.


Jackie Hall reconvened the convention by leading 203. Leaders: Bob Parr 288; Hal Booth 266; Joan Brunskill 334; Karen Kelley 47b; Bobbie Goodell 549; Cathy Brochet 547; Guy Bankes 365; Wendy Gilchrist 569t; John Brunskill 162; Jim Armstrong 569b; Leonard Spencer 260; Bruce Letorneau 455; Cheryl Stroud 183; Diane Holmlund 332; Janet Snyder 209; Gloria Thomson 178.


Chuck Neville brought the class back to order with 68b. Leaders: Pleasance Crawford 335; Chris Holy 267; Elka Schumann 122; Mary Neville 454.

Announcements were made. A count of people from different states and provinces was made and the number of leaders and songs led was also announced. There were six states represented and two provinces. There were fifty-one songs led on Saturday and thirty-three on Friday. There were forty-six registrations, and fifty-four as a head count. All those who took part in making the convention happen were duly thanked, especially Julia Richmond, who put the greatest effort towards the organization of the convention. It was noted that the collection covered all the expenses of the convention and also was enough to cover the food at the subsequent B-B-Q.

Leaders: Chuck Neville 49t; Bob Parr 352; Hal Booth 63; Cheryl Stroud 198; Corrone Bryant 347. The closing song was on page 62, and the closing prayer was led by Coronne Bryant. The class was dismissed.

Chairperson—Jackie Hall; Secretary—Chuck Neville.