Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Vermont Annual All Day Singing

Weathersfield Center Meetinghouse, Weathersfield, Vermont

Saturday, March 19, 2005

The annual Vermont All Day Singing was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Dan Hertzler leading 31t, followed by the opening prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Dan Hertzler; Treasurer—Larry Gordon; Secretary—Jenny Wright; Memorial—Dan Keebler.

Leaders: Jenny Wright 48t; Ian Smiley 76b; Paul Gauthier 34b; George Pomfret 171; Debbie Moody 38b; Sheila Macadam 535; Bill Holt 148; Tom Malone 289; Patty Cuyler 173; Sheldon Finlay 30b; Edwin Macadam 84; Ginnie Ely 313t; Corlan Johnson 86; Rick Johnston 496; Victoria Bolles 344; Charles Taylor 142; Janet Snyder 50t; Marge Constantine 479.


Bill Holt brought the class back to order leading 52t. Leaders: Bob Parr 270; Paul Setford 299; Larry Gordon 430; Amy Finlay 217; Eric Fellinger 107; Leonard Spencer 260; Matt Wojcik 228; Ann Johnston 196; Peter Amidon 77b; Rosie Wojcik 475; Denise Morris 503; Susan Miller Coulter 67; Larry Gordon 272; Edwin Macadam 504; Paul Gauthier 455; Ginnie Ely 352; Ian Smiley 298; Debbie Moody 133; Sheldon Finlay 112; Jeff Fellinger 532; Sheila Macadam 474; Jenny Wright 56b; George Pomfret 163b.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Dan Keebler leading 128 for the following deceased: Cristi Gadere—Afghanistan; John Hocutt—Alabama; Lavinia Marie Bonnano and Ema Brown—Massachusetts; Nathaniel Keith, Bette McLellan, and Hal Melcher—New Hampshire; Allen Fannin—New York; Betty Haile—North Carolina; Francois Berthet—Switzerland; Kelly Beard—Texas; Nellie Birkett, Rachael Bissicks, Corey McFadden, and Alice Peabody—Vermont; J.J. Merritt—Virginia.

Dan Keebler led 566 for the sick and shut-ins, and the memorial lesson was closed with prayer by Ginnie Ely.

Leaders: Charles Taylor 47b; Victoria Bolles 472; Corlan Johnson 236. Grace for the noon meal was given by John Kochalka who led 452.


The class was called back by to order by Matt Wojcik leading 40. Leaders: Dan Hertzler 99; Patty Cuyler 542; Tom Malone 240; Bob Parr 212; Peter Amidon 318; Amy Finlay 384; Paul Setford 273; Eric Fellinger 198; Ann Johnston 70b; Bob Mills 276; Bob Fellinger 66; Susan Miller Coulter 284; Rick Johnston 337; Larry Gordon 95; Rosie Wojcik 440; Bill Holt 550; Janet Snyder 547; Denise Morris 495; Leonard Spencer 254; Ian Smiley “Soldier of the Cross” (by Jeremiah Ingalls).


Paul Gauthier brought the class back to order with 213t. Leaders: Ginnie Ely 546; Edwin Macadam 538; George Pomfret 282; Elka Schumann 209; Jim Armstrong 569b; Sheldon Finlay 300; Sheila Macadam 186; Matt Wojcik 365; Bob Mills 160b; Charles Taylor 408; Debbie Moody 139; Amy Finlay 168; Victoria Bolles 146; Jenny Wright 191; Paul Setford 37b; Patty Cuyler 203; Bob Parr 528; Tom Malone 491; Peter Amidon 211; Dan Hertzler 178.

The class took the parting hand with 62, and the closing prayer was given by Nancy Thomas.

Chairman—Dan Hertzler; Secretary—Jenny Wright.