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DeLong and Roberts Memorial Singing

Ebenezer Primitive Baptist Church, Dunwoody, Georgia

Sunday, June 27, 2004

The annual DeLong and Roberts Memorial Singing was held on the fourth Sunday in June at Ebenezer Primitive Baptist Church in Dunwoody, Georgia. The singing was called to order by Chairman Richard DeLong leading 60. Elder Edward Cagle offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Richard DeLong 121; Matt DeLong 329, 111b; Jesse Roberts 149, 201; John Plunkett 200, 52t; Erica Hinton 501, 178; Andy Morse 538, 546; Cathy White 147t, 146; Matt Hinton 99, 163b; Ashley Roberts 47t, 474; Brady DeLong 61, 36b.


Jesse Roberts called the class to order leading 33b. Leaders: Helen Bryson 456, 568; Reuben Ball 480, 569b; Andy Anderson 282, 31b; Annie Grieshop 72b, 344; Mike Castleberry 401, 515; Joanne Bowman 328, 101b; Ed Thacker 511, 175.

A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Richard DeLong; Vice Chairmen—Jesse Roberts and Matt DeLong; Secretary/Treasurer—Helen Bryson.


Matt DeLong called the class to order with 482. Leaders: Martha Ann Stegar 155, 85; Tony Hammock 303, 314.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Jeannette DePoy with comments on how we are all connected by this music going back 150 years. New Singers aren’t connected but over time and with attending singings they too will feel the connection. She then led 387 for the deceased: Robert Kendrick, Barbara DePoy, Ben Brady, and Bob Shivers—Georgia; Joy Wheeler, Ed Lindsay, LelIa Lindsay, Nancy Gilbert, and all military who have died serving our country. Richard DeLong led 285t.

Jesse Roberts led 76b for the sick and shut-ins which include: Loy Garrison, Dorothy Garrison, Violet Thomason, Nora Roberts, Kay Milling, Mildred Allen, and all wounded soldiers. Jesse Roberts closed the memorial with prayer.

Elder Edward Cagle welcomed everyone to Ebenezer Primitive Baptist Church.


Richard DeLong called the class to order with 349. Leaders: Raymond Hamrick 148, 225t; Laura Clausen 278b, 542; Ted Mercer 50t, 362; Jeannette DePoy 112, 411 (for Violet Thomason, who was listening via cell phone); Louis Hughes 384, 189 (for Violet Thomason); Janice Paulk 518, 448b; Micah Roberts 354b; Kiri Miller 376, 430; Henry Johnson 111t, 418; Jessica Altman 101t, 460; Morgan DeLong 73b, 388; Tom Malone 53, 106.


The class was called to order by Jesse Roberts leading 31t. Leaders: Bob Goodman 84, 479; Susan Roberts 45t, 40; Juanita Heyerman 290, 287; Keith Wannamaker 371, 159; Lucregia Franklin 153; Katie Moore 51, 72t; Frances Carnell 486, 195; Faye Holbrook 343, 455; Sandra Wilkinson 229, 274t; Elder Edward Cagle 306 (by request); Matt DeLong and Richard DeLong 34t.

Announcements were made. Richard DeLong, Matt Delong, and Jesse Roberts led 62 for the closing song. Elder Edward Cagle offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Richard DeLong; Vice Chairmen—Matt DeLong and Jesse Roberts; Secretary/Treasurer—Helen Bryson.