Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Moore, Graves, and Calvert Memorial Singing

Addington Chapel, Cullman, Alabama

Saturday, June I9, 2004

The annual singing of the Moore, Graves, and Calvert Memorial was held at Addington Chapel in Cullman, Alabama on Saturday before the third Sunday in June. Danny Creel called the class to order leading 30t. Butch White offered the morning prayer. Danny Creel greeted everyone and led 89.

A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Danny Creel; Vice Chairman—Harrison Creel; Secretary—Emily Creel; Arranging Committee—Billy Williams.

Leaders: Warren Steel 131t, 131b; Ivalene Donaldson 129; Hershell King 235, 97; Uel Freeman 388, 64; David Roberson 222, 274t; Martha Beverly 171, 430; Randell Sanderson 108t; Clarence McCool 349, 490; Flarce Creel 475.


Harrison Creel called the class to order leading 460. Leaders: Travis Keeton 392; Max Berueffy 470; Elizabeth Keeton 34b; Elizabeth Keeton and Glenn Keeton 335; Butch White and Kenny Graves 33b; Ann Jett 327; Jackie Tanner 318; Cassie Franklin 456; Ottis Sides 530; Wanda Capps 36b; Emily Creel 217; Brenda Merritt 542; Corene White 216; Elsie Moon 394, 202; Bridgett Hill 99; Amber Davis 224; Linda Sides 480; Marie Guthrie 220; Eldagene Roberson 215; Brenda Pena 569t; Edith Tate 35; Cindy Tanner 436; Willodean Barton 63; Jennifer Allred 455; Velton Chafin 494.


Danny Creel called the afternoon session to order leading 313t and 76b. Leaders: Rachel Allred 457; Seth Allred 155; Will Allred 196, 401; Martha Beverly 299; Bridgett Hill 276; Amber Davis 47b; Uel Freeman 146; Warren Steel 411; Jennifer Allred, Will Allred, and Rachel Allred 300; Elsie Moon, Flarce Creel, and Marie Guthrie 77t, 73t; Cassie Franklin 358 (by request); Susan Allred 112, 56t; Will Allred 45t; Emily Creel and Jackie Tanner 172; Butch White 31t; Seth Allred 340; Clarence McCool 565; Cindy Tanner 198; Cindy Tanner and Kenny Graves 434.

Announcements were made. Danny Creel led 46 as the closing song. Harrison Creel offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Danny Creel; Vice Chairman—Harrison Creel; Secretary—Emily Creel.