Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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New York State Sacred Harp Convention

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Cazenovia, New York

October 13-14, 1995

Friday, October 13

The seventh annual New York State Convention was called to order on Friday evening by Dan Brittain leading songs on pages 36b and 31b. George Seiler led the opening prayer. Dan Brittain led song on page 172, and welcomed everyone to the convention. Leaders: Barbara Swetman 127; Bruce Randall 297; Guy Bankes 178; Paula McGray 503; Anne Kazlauskas 203; George Seiler 347; Chris Haller 551; Margaret Bornick 186; Eric Bean 480; Gina Balestracci 148; Bill Holt 448t; Michael Darby 327; Ginnie Ely 546; Paul Gauthier 278b; Tim Wheeler 85; Judy Hauff 102; Jean Seiler 147t; Bob Parr 150; Josephine Rouse 98; Al Taylor and Paula McGray 63.


The class reassembled with Dan Brittain leading song on page 399b. Leaders: Roland Hutchinson 287; Donna Abrahams 181; Kat Kinkaid 475; Laura Densmore 228, Pierre Gingerich 117; Ron Bornick 454; Dan Hertzler 163 (t? b?); Richard Schmeidler 146; Dennis Leipold 129; Judy Hauff 528; Dan Brittain with guests from St. Peter’s Episcopal Church 218; Barbara Swetman 125; Michael Darby 451; Rosalie Laris and Paula McGray 156; Bill Holt 70b; Kat Kinkaid 385t; Ginnie Ely 497; George Seiler 84; Chris Haller 56b; Dan Brittain 521. The closing prayer was given by George Seiler.

Saturday, October 14

The class reassembled with Dan Brittain leading songs on pages 32t and 123t. The opening prayer was given by George Seiler. Leaders: Eric Bean 59; Paula McGray 77b; Dan Hertzler 34b; Donna Abrahams 184; Ron Bornick 274b; Mitzie Collins 159; Paul Gauthier 112; Roland Hutchinson 242; Bruce Randall 481; Angela Nelligan 497; Chris Haller 299; Gina Balestracci 72b; Guy Bankes 352; Barbara Swetman 40; Kat Kincaid 328; George Seiler 313b; Pat Serafini and Donna Abrahams 107; Bill Holt 193; Michael Darby 131b;


The class resumed singing with Eric Bean leading song on page 46. A prayer was given by George Seiler. The remainder of the morning session was devoted to a singing school. Eric Bean gave an introduction to solmization. Judy Hauff discussed different styles of singing.


The afternoon session was called together by Dan Brittain leading song on page 144. Leaders: Diane Mandella 455; Ginnie Ely 446; Laura Densmore “Evening Hymn” by Elisha West; Ellie Soler 277; Dan Hertzler 362; Tim Wheeler 29t; Richard Schmeidler 474; Betty Hanf 523; Margaret Bornick 268; Dan Brittain 465; Anne Kazlauskas 173; Dennis Leipold 460; Judy Hauff 411; Hal Kunkel 318; Linda Delfs “Altamont” by Gerry Hoffman; Frederick Rasenberger 360; Myrka Hall-Beyer 86; Jean Seiler 106; Bob Parr 492; Angela Nelligan 341; Ginny Huszagh 180; Josephine Rouse 71; Jennifer Cook 148.


The class was brought together for a memorial lesson given by Jean Seiler who led song on page 384 in remembrance of Joe Beasley, Robert Mottingdorfer, Ruth Neville, Edwin Barrett, Pat Tegler, Ruth Stephenson, George Jewett, and Marion Williamson, all of New York; Roberta Adams, New Jersey; Greg Moughamian, Colorado; Kaye Stolarski, California; Anne Robinson, Quebec; John Snowberg, Wisconsin; Fred Johnson and Stephen Haseltine, Massachusetts; Doris Shiners, Florida; Lessie Cates, Alabama. George Seiler led song on page 159. Paula McGray gave the names of the sick and shut-ins and others who could not be with us: Dorothy Laming, Linda Crump, Janine Smith’s father, and Aver Crider. Dennis Leipold led song on page 68 (t? b?).


The afternoon session resumed with Eric Bean leading song on page 276. Leaders: Bruce Randall 280; Chris Haller 351; Gina Ballestracci 47b; Bill Holt 377; Barbara Swetman 66; Bobbie Goodell 174; Michael Darby 291; Ron Bornick 278b; Kat Kinkaid 163t; Guy Bankes 163b; Donna Abrahams 440; Mitzie Collins 45t; Roland Hutchinson 73b; Paula McGray 300; George Seiler and Linda Smart 178; Juanita Heyermann and Ginny Huszagh 122; Ginnie Ely 502; Tim Wheeler 142; Anne Kazlauskas 335; Bob Parr 260; Paul Gauthier 428; Myrka Hall-Beyer 312b; Dan Brittain 348t; Jean Seiler, “Garden State” by Dan Brittain. Announcements were made and a count by state was taken: New York—39; New Jersey—3; Pennsylvania—7; Massachusetts—12; Vermont—1; Mississippi—1; Illinois—1; Maryland—1;


George Seiler gave the blessing.

Dan Brittain brought the evening class together by leading songs on pages 50t, and “Scott” by Dan Brittain. Leaders: Michael Darby 67; Donna Abrahams 378b; Ginny Huszagh 56b; Kathy Forrest 299; Gina Balestracci 198; Guy Bankes 344; Margaret Bornick 410t; Ron Bornick 189; Dan Brittain 164; Mitzie Collins 186; Ginnie Ely 269; Paul Gauthier 371; Bobbie Goodell 233 (?); Linda Delfs 152; Chris Haller 273; Judy Hauff 472.


The class resumed with Dan Brittain leading song on page 434. Leaders: Dan Hertzler 48t; Tim Wheeler 547; Eric Bean 82 (t? b?); Hal Kunkel 480; Bill Holt 419; Roland Hutchinson 254; Kat Kinkaid 368; Dennis Leipold 426t; Paula McGray 522; Bob Parr 272; Bruce Randall 191; Frederick Rasenberger 421; Richard Schmeidler 155. George Seiler led the closing prayer and song on page 62.

Sunday, October 15

On Sunday morning we sang with the choir and congregation of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church.

Secretary—Jennifer Cook.