Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Chestnut Grove Baptist Church

Ider, Alabama

October 12, 2003

The seventy-seventh session of the annual Chestnut Grove Sacred Harp singing was held on the second Sunday in October. The singing is held in memory of its founder, Elder C.G. (Uncle Tobe) Keith, and long time singing school teacher, Henry Ott.

Loretta Smith called the class to order at 10:00 a.m. and led 37b. Pastor Steve Lea offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Loretta Smith 39b; Billy Thompson 535, 563 (CB); Margaret Thacker and Chris Murdock 565, 480; Shane Wootten 100, 138t; Aaron Little 503; Stuart Ivey 61, 350; Rodney Ivey 101t, 303; Ed Thacker 97, 566; David Ivey and Winnie Blevins 136, 358; Henry Johnson 38b, 326; Darlene Dalton 309, 454; Dennis George 47b, 101b; Sarah Jenkins 99, 347; Kathy James 542, 30b.


The class resumed singing with Loretta Smith leading 82t and 492 (WB). Leaders: Karen Ivey 441, 112; Steve Killingsworth 312b, 59; William B. Crider 410t; Eddie Brown and Mary Brown 457, 106; Floyd Peters 68b, 285t; Marty Wootten 448 (t? b?), 445; Linda Thomas 123t, 63. Donald Carroll asked the blessing for the noon meal.


Loretta Smith brought the afternoon session to order leading 452. Leaders: Chris Rice 426b; Joel Jenkins 186; Coy Ivey 505 (CB) (in memory of Henry Ott and Luther Biddle), 486t (WB); Rodney Ivey and Bill Gifford 45t (in memory of Bill Gifford’s grandfather, Elder C.G. Keith); Chris Green 388; Jackie Tanner 270; Robert Walker 143; Allison Ivey 200; David Killingsworth 216.

Loretta Smith conducted the memorial lesson and led 348b for the sick and shut-ins and for the deceased. The sick and shut-ins remembered were: Richard Shipman, Lester Shipman, Eliza Harris, Leon Wade, Howard Gothard, Lorene Ott, Troy Ott, Rachel Downer, Patricia Wootten, Juanita Ivey, and Glenn Ivey.

The deceased remembered were: James Lamar Smith, James Townson, and John Henry Busby. The memorial lesson was closed.

Leaders: Susan Harcrow 217; Nate Green and Norma Green 141; Ricky Harcrow 449 (CB); Scott Ivey 424; S.T. Reed 161; Eloise Wootten 490; Pam Green and Donna Ivey 274t; Tony Ivey, Hobert Ivey, Scott Ivey, and Betty Shepherd 47t; Phillip Gilmore 31t; Cindy Tanner 189; Loretta Smith and Amy Smith 388 (by request).

Announcements were made. Loretta Smith and Amy Smith led 62 as the closing song. Ricky Harcrow offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Co-Chairs—Loretta Smith and Amy Smith; Secretary—Amy Smith.