Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Concord Primitive Baptist Church

Winfield, Alabama

December 10, 1995

The session was called to order by John Beasley leading songs 100 and 101 (t? b?). Prayer was lead by Marlin Beasley. Officers were elected and committees appointed as follows: Chairman, John Beasley; Vice-Chairman, Elmer Conwill; Secretary, Becky Briggs; Arranging, Ann Ballard; Chaplain, George Seiler, from Glen Ridge, New Jersey; Memorial, Brenda Peña, from Queens, New York; and Resolutions, Gary Smith. John Beasley then led 480. Leaders: Gary Smith 34b, 178; George Seiler 347, 159; Charlie Ballard 512, 30t; Frances Lee 72b, 274t; Brenda Peña 156, 39b; Sarah Smith 146, 129; Jean Seiler of Glen Ridge, New Jersey 66, 299.


Session was called back to order by Elmer Conwill leading 110. Leaders: Ricky Beasley 566, 47b; Jean Wakefield 108b, 109; Elsie Beasley 434, 460; Kermit Adams 77t, 78; Mae Conwill 314, 498; Cecil Sanders 475; Dorothea McCowan 218, 196; John Hyde 75, 297; Marlin Beasley 296, 348b; Travis Keeton 161, 179. Class then broke for lunch, with prayer led by Chaplain George Seiler.


John Beasley called the session back to order leading 317 and 318. Leaders: Johnny Humber 452, 275b; Warren Steel 74t, 411; Larry Ballinger 123 (t? b?), 90; Josie Hyde 269, 408; Pernie Pelfrey 147b, 137; Beckie Briggs 234, 340; Earl Ballinger 283, 87; Cora Sweatt 46; D. H. and Johnnie Sue Beasley, with Kelly Gill 354b, 235; Keterina Sanders 73t, 399b; Lena Keeton 546, 142; David Beasley 330 (t? b?), 335.


Session was called back to order by John Beasley leading 37b. Brenda Peña then lead 34t for the sick and shut-in: Edgar Hutchins, Tom Harper, Mary Gardner, Lola Myrtle Roberson, Mae Seymour, and Phillip Lee. And now for those we know that we must wait until that great day when we will sing with them again, and especially for Joe Beasley. She then lead 134 for those who had passed away: Joe Beasley, Cephas Keeton, Tom Roberson, Lois Robinson, Ava Crider, Addie Mae Prysock, Mr. Rayburn Humber, and Dewey Williams. Gary Smith then presented the following resolutions:

WHEREAS we are here not only to sing but for fellowship and to enjoy the company and products of love from the kitchen; and

WHEREAS we recognize that we could not enjoy these things without the labors of those who come here not necessarily to sing, but to render service in the kitchen,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that we extend a vote of gratitude and appreciation to Johnnie Sue Beasley, Nita Beasley, Freddie Briggs, and Kirby Sweatt for their unselfish labor on our behalf, for their work surely enhances the enjoyment of this gathering.

WHEREAS we are gathered to honor the memories of those who have gone before, especially the memory of our brother, Joe Beasley; and

WHEREAS we are gathered to sing the praise of God who gave us will and spirit to sing; and

WHEREAS we are gatherd to continue a tradition which has enriched and blessed us beyond our poor ability to measure; and

WHEREAS we are gathered as a family of differing backgrounds, heritages and interests united by a love of the Sacred Harp; and

WHEREAS we are gathered in the anticipation of a future made dim by warfare and struggle but made glorious by the hope and knowledge of the Resurrection, when we shall all be re-united in joy and love,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that on on this day, the 10th of December in the year of our Lord 1995, this shall be constituted the First Annual Joseph Jackson Beasley Memorial Singing, to carry on his love of Sacred Harp and his determination to see it thrive and prosper, here and wherever the Harp is struck.

The session resumed with Anne Steel leading 288 and 209. Leaders: W. L. Harbin 139, 45t; Amanda Denson 157, 273; Alvin (Bunk) Beasley 81t, 294; Travis Keeton 384; George Seiler 31t; Jean Seiler 114; Warren Steel 57; Anne Steel 39t; Ann Ballard 337. John Beasley and Elmer Conwill lead the closing song, 336. The closing prayer was offered by Chaplain George Seiler.

Chairman—John Beasley; Vice-Chairman—Elmer Conwill; Secretary—Becky Briggs