Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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New Hope Church

Cullman County, Alabama

June 22, 2003

The sixty-ninth session of the annual Sacred Harp singing held at New Hope Church on the fourth Sunday in June was called to order by Elvin Guthrie leading 34b. Glenn Keeton offered the morning prayer.

A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Glenn Keeton; Vice Chairman—Henry Guthery; Secretary—Eldagene Roberson; Arranging Committee—Billy Williams.

Glenn Keeton and Elizabeth Betts announced that they were engaged to be married and then led 59. Leaders: Corene White 37b, 146; Stella Pratt 147 (t? b?), 452; Don Robinson 100, 101t; Eldagene Roberson 29t, 81t; Ashley Keeton 168, 108t; Henry Guthery 225t, 283; David Roberson 274b, 222; Ashley Campbell 47b, 143; Betty Shivers 366 (?), 335.


Henry Guthery called the class back to order leading 527. Leaders: Kenneith Calvert and Gaston Calvert 40, 120, 452; Geraldine Watkins 66, 361; Margie Lee and Nancy Tuck 389, 274t, 358; Ercyl Vidrine 145t, 145b; Glenn Keeton 497; Geraldine Watkins and Essie Hollingsworth 339; Judy Caudle 57, 121; Ruth Burleson 32t; Nancy Tuck and Billy Williams 323 (t? b?).

The singing was turned over to the New Hope Church for the purpose of a business meeting. After the business meeting was conducted, Glenn Keeton led 45t, and the class was dismissed for lunch.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Glenn Keeton leading 88t and 89. Leaders: Elvin Guthrie 349, 455; Marie Guthrie 134, 446; Joyce Hicks 217, 300; Jane Knight 218, 168; Mary Holcombe and Christy Holcombe 77 (t? b?), 47t; Kenneth Fannin 436, 434; Judy Caudle 236; Ashley Campbell 442; Margie Tuck and Nancy Tuck 388; Geraldine Watkins 421; Kenneith Calvert 81 (t? b?), 358; Kenneth Fannin and Mary Holcombe 163 (t? b?); Henry Guthery 161, 568.

Announcements were made. Glenn Keeton and Henry Guthery led 267 as the closing song. Kenneth Fannin offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Glenn Keeton; Vice Chairman—Henry Guthery; Secretary—Eldagene Roberson.