Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Vermont State Singing

All Saints Episcopal Church, South Burlington, Vermont

Saturday, March 29, 2003

The singing was called to order by Pete Sutherland leading 276. Don Peabody offered the opening prayer. Chairman Susan Miller-Coulter welcomed the singers.

Leaders: Bruce Kokerno 84; Ann Johnston 274t; Wendy Gilchrist 569b; Dan Hertzler 270; Margaret Bornick 228; Ron Bornick 454; Rick Johnston 145t; L.H. Spencer 442; Laura Timmerman 299; Edith Berger 448b; Chris Noren 236; Scott Luscombe 315; Jean Seiler 209; George Seiler 480; Jareka Dellenbaugh-Dempsey 455.


Co-Chairman Ian Smiley called the class to order with 191. Leaders: Eric Fellinger 107; Walt Colteryahn 452; Robert Stoddard 171; Bill Holt 352; Patricia Geritz 501; Guy Bankes 510; Brenden Taafte 40; Jackie Hall 217; Allison Schofield 42; Effie Cummings 344; Chuck Neville 163b; Matt Wojcik 532; Jenna Strizak 145b; Kelsey Wessels 99; Liz Thompson 86; Bob Parr 542; Linda Shea 495; Kitty Kagey 458.

Don Peabody conducted the memorial lesson. Those remembered were: Dorothy Krumsieg—Illinois; David Clark Jones—Kansas; Leonard R. Spencer, Daniel Shea, and James Gath—Massachusetts; Ella Belle Smith—Missouri; Paul Vasko, Jr.—New York; Ellie Segal—Ontario, Canada; Fred Rogers—Pennsylvania; Larry Ahreus, Margaret Eastman, Dinah Breunig, Monica Stachnik, Jaime Vail Hella, Decla Lyons, and Sara Marie Kingsley—Vermont; Lolly Simpkins—Washington, D.C.; Sacha Block and Mary Rowe. Dan Hertzler led “Mount Hope” (by D. Hertzler) for the deceased.

Pete Sutherland led “Florona” (by P. Sutherland) for the following sick and shut ins: Mary Seiler Kneeland—California; Marie Bartlett—Massachusetts; Gil Barker, David Luscombe, and Bonnie Whitington—New York; Annie Molnar—Ontario; Catherine Templeton—Texas; Grace Kelley and Priscilla Baker—Vermont; Mary Bliss, Martin Lord Andrews, Will Hurd, and Asa Hurd.


Jean Seiler called the class to order with 87. Leaders: Mary Neville 547; Linda Shea 300; Bob Parr 318; Ann Johnston 319; Joel Holland 155; Brendan Taafte 178; Edith Berger 327; Kelsey Wessels 89; Chris Noren 189; Eric Fellinger 284; Liz Thompson 212; Scott Luscombe 481; Kitty Kagey 192; Matt Wojcik 365; Jenna Strizak 37b; Patricia Geritz 34b; Jeff Fellinger 47t; George Seiler 168; Wendy Gilchrist 56b; Robert Stoddard 52b.


Ian Smiley brought the class to order with 95.

Announcements were made. Next year’s Vermont Singing will be on March 27, 2004 in southern Vermont.

Leaders: Bill Holt 376; Margaret Bornick and many new singers 268; Jackie Hull 528; Rick Johnston 82 (t? b?); Amity Baker “Cannon Falls” (by C. York); Guy Bankes 566; L.H. Spencer 216; Pete Sutherland 410 (t? b?). Co-Chairman Susan Miller-Coulter thanked all who helped to make the singing happen, and led 62 for the closing song as the class took the parting hand. Chaplain Don Peabody gave the closing prayer.

Co-Chairs—Susan Miller-Coulter and Ian Smiley; Treasurers—Jeff Fellinger and Eric Fellinger; Secretaries—Elizabeth Templeton and Laura Timmerman.