Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Higher Ground Singing

United Ministry Center, Terre Haute, Indiana

Saturday, March 29, 2003

The eighth annual session of the Higher Ground Singing was called to order by Co-Chairman David Rust leading song on page 34b. Don Baker led the class in morning prayer.

A business session was held, after which the following slate of officers were elected or appointed: Co-Chairs—Peggy Brayfield and David Rust; Arranging Committee—Marlen Rust; Secretary/Registration—William Shetter; Treasurer—Eloise Clark; Memorial Committee—Janet Fraembs and Marlen Rust.

Leaders: David Rust 81t, 71; Peggy Brayfield 59, 150; Don Bardsley 99, 178; Lori Graber 171, 480; John Bealle 189, 549;

William Shetter 157, 540; Don Baker 312b, 129; Mike Veech 280,

479; Molly Evans 454, 547.


Marlen Rust brought the class to order leading 40 and “Singing School” (ScH). Leaders: Claire Outten 31t, 481; Janet Fraembs 385t, 218; Eloise Clark 44, 569t; Anne Sieck 117; Don Bardsley 268; Peggy Brayfield 284, 556; David Rust 182, 183; Eloise Clark 197, 209; Lori Graber 485, 195. Don Bardsley offered prayer to close the morning session.


Peggy Brayfield brought the afternoon session to order leading 128. Leaders: Don Bardsley 203, 38t; Don Baker 74b, 229; Terry Hogg 340, 112; John Bealle 186, 436; William Shetter “Brandt” (by John Bayer), 169; Molly Evans 515, 107; Mike Veech 200, 217; Janet Fraembs 240, 532; Claire Outten 271t, 384.


Anne Sieck brought the class together leading 419.

Marlen Rust conducted the memorial lesson. The deceased remembered were: Pat Caffrey and John Bailey—Illinois; Lester Schedlbauer and Daisy Garton—Indiana; Michael Strathdee and Jean Armstrong—California; Fred Rogers—Pennsylvania; and all victims of the war in Iraq. Don Baker led 448b, especially meaningful to John Bailey.

Janet Fraembs read the list of sick and shut-ins and led 437 in their honor: Virginia Evans, June Porter and Dennis Miller—Illinois. The memorial session was closed with prayer led by Don Bardsley.

Leaders: Peggy Brayfield 354b, 504; Marlen Rust “Singing School” (ScH), 66; David Rust 399t, 371; Eloise Clark 390, 565.


Lori Graber called the class to order leading 383. Leaders: Lori Graber 332; Ariel Weinberg 474, 278t; Don Bardsley 569b, 145t; Terry Hogg 73b, 315; Don Baker 267, 49 (t? b?); William Shetter 225 (t? b?), 91t; Molly Evans 86, 168.

Peggy Brayfield led 347 as the closing song. Don Bardsley offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Co-Chairs—Peggy Brayfield and David Rust; Secretary—William Shetter.