Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Jordan Chapel

Newell, Randolph County, Alabama

October 22, 1995

The annual Sacred Harp singing at Jordan Chapel was held on the fourth Sunday in October. The class was called to order by singing songs on pages 32t and 103. The chairman, Lonnie Rogers, led songs on pages 33b and 75. The morning prayer was led by Marshall Avery. The same officers were elected or appointed to serve another year: Chairman—Lonnie Rogers; Honorary Chairman—Rosa Hughes; Vice Chairman—Billy Joe Harris; Secretary—Mary Lambert Smith; Arranging Committee—Hester Edwards and Jimmie Denney; Memorial Committee—Vivian Rogers and Ruth Brown. Leaders: Lonnie Rogers 112; Jimmy Denney 63, 66; Billy Joe Harris 452b, 303b; Mary L. Smith 421, 89; Everette Denney 34b, 49t; Alice Edwards 73b, 104; Harvey Austin 108t, 109; Lois Stanson 36b, 99; John Forman 34t, 155, 148; Evelyn Harris 159, 318 for Eula Johnson, 47t.


Billy Joe Harris brought the class together leading song on page 445b. Leaders: Roy Nelson 87, 480, 97; Lucille Forman 67, 496, 340, 217; Jeff Sheppard 172, 186, 182; Lora Cargo 74b, 274t, 460; Shelbie Sheppard 290, 142, 45t in memory of Ruby Gibson and Kelsey Wootten.


The afternoon session was called to order by Lonnie Rogers leading songs on pages 222 and 225t. Jeanette Tyner led songs on pages 224 and 373. The memorial was presented by Ruth Brown and Vivian Rogers. The names of the deceased were read by Vivian Rogers and the following remarks were made by Ruth Brown. “I like to think of the words from the Bible that says, ‘I will lift up my eyes unto the hills, from which I gather my strength’, and we take our strength from the Lord when we lose a loved one. We are never grateful enough for all the little things in life, who we are and what we have. We take time to remember little things about these loved ones that we are singing in memory of today. We remember them with joy and pleasure, as well as with sadness.” Harvey Austin led song on page 39b; Rosa Hughes led songs on 348b and 383 for the deceased. Jeff Sheppard led songs on pages 313t and 389 for Virgil Phillips who is sick. The memorial was closed with prayer by Mary Florence Smith. Leaders: Velma Richardson 208, 434; Carolyn Berry 147t, 507; Lou Cotney 218, 300, 497; Shelbie Sheppard and Hester Edwards 339; Marshall Avery 81 (t? b?), 271 (t? b?), 203, 278b. The song on page 358 was sung by request. Announcements were made. Lonnie Rogers led song on page 343b as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer by Harvey Austin.

Chairman—Lonnie Rogers; Honorary Chairman—Rosa Hughes; Vice Chairman—Billy Joe Harris; Secretary—Mary Lambert Smith.