Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Coy Putnam Memorial

Old Rice Church, Arab City Park, Arab, Alabama

October 21, 1995

The Coy Putnam Memorial Sacred Harp Singing was held in the Old Rice Church Building, which has been moved to Arab City Park, and completely rebuilt by the Arab Historical Society. The singers agreed to hold the singing here this year since this is the building where the Coy Putnam singing originated many years ago. This was in conjunction with the dedication of the rebuilt building. At the end of the day, the singers voted to hold the singing here again next year, and possibly permanently.

The class was called to order by Matt Jordan leading songs on pages 72b and 59. The morning prayer was offered by Hershell King. The class was organized by retaining the officers from last year: Chairman—Matt Jordan; Vice Chairman—Hershell King; Secretary—Irene Jordan; Arranging Committee—Arvid Holmes and Jack Jordan, with Willard Hopper assisting. Leaders: Matt Jordan 32t; Hershell King 97, 144; Cecil Gilliland 75, 345 (t? b?); Lawrence and Lula Underwood 300, 170; Arvid Holmes 171, 460; Linda Thomas 73b, 345b; Cecil Sanders 475; Dan Hopper 133, 205.


At this recess the Arab Historical Society held their Dedication Ceremony and thanked the singers for agreeing to sing here.

The Class was called to order by Matt Jordan leading song on page 480. Leaders: Sandra Light 143, 354b; Keterina Sanders 389, 454; Imogene Nelms 269, 53; Jack Jordan 569 (t? b?), 196; Herbert Cobbs 48 (t? b?), 73 (t? b?); Eugene Forbes 155, 222; J. L. Oden 410 (t? b?), 274t; Ramona Light 398; Irene Jordan 168, 490; Lyles Burke 137, 112; J. L. Hopper 479, 149.


Matt Jordan called the class back leading song on page 43. Leaders: Carmon Brothers 167, 567; Marie Guthrie 192, 31t; Kenneth Fannin 31b, 436; Virgil Phillips 47t; Nancy Thompson and Alta Self 40, 405, 334; Willard Hopper and Rhoda Norris 384, 441; Ruth Chamblee 39b; Carol Fannin 145b, 399b; Lawrence and Lula Underwood 358; Wilda Holmes “That Beautiful Land”; J. L. Hopper 301, 304; Matt Jordan led song on page 45t for the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer by J. L. Hopper.

Chairman—Matt Jordan; Vice Chairman—Hershell King; Secretary—Irene Jordan.