Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Zion Hill Primitive Baptist Church

Douglas, Alabama

May 19, 2002

The annual singing at Zion Hill Primitive Baptist Church, Douglas, Alabama was held on the third Sunday in May. The class was called to order by Ricky Harcrow leading songs on pages 82t, 101t, and 59. The morning prayer was offered by Chris Green.

Leaders: Ricky Harcrow 36b; Jackson Harcrow 274t, 63; Jackie Tanner 56t, 39b; Lela Crowder 354b, 186; Jarrod George 300, 277; Lamar Smith 76b; Judy Caudle 283, 285 (t? b?); Susan Harcrow 171, 183t; Donna Wootten 138b, 74b; Henry Johnson 375, 70b; and Nate Green and Norma Green 37t, 330 (t? b?).


Ricky Harcrow brought the class back together leading song on page 75. Leaders: Coy Ivey 384; Lavaughn Ballinger 84, 358; Eloise Wootten 454; James Cain 290; Jenny Mann 49b, “Sweet Beulah Land”; Myra Dalton 83t, 31t; Larry Ballinger 73b, 50 (t? b?); Philip Gilmore 448t, 396; Britt Mann 68b.


The class was called back with Ricky Harcrow leading song on page 145t. Leaders: Kevin Brown and Mark Brown 452, 147t; Linda Thomas 217; Chris Green, Pam Green, Hannah Green, and Grace Green 460, 66; Lisa Geist 222, 182; S.T. Reed 284; Aaron Wootten 319.


Ricky Harcrow called the class back together leading song on page 317. Leaders: Rodney Ivey 170; David Ivey 83 (t? b?); Betty Shepherd 299; Linton Ballinger 208; Syble Adams 398; Earl Ballinger 144; Darlene Dalton 203; Shane Wootten 138t; Dennis George 209; Terry Wootten 132; Randall Smith and Rodney Ivey 137; Sheila Wootten 127; class sang “Happy Birthday” to Edna Jackson, a member of Zion Hill, who will be 93; Jamey Wootten, Jared Wootten, and Hayden Wootten 282; Marty Wootten 99; Marlon Beasley 274 (t? b?); Jewel Wootten 421; Butch White 159; Jarrod George, Margaret Turner, Jackson Harcrow, and Uncle Terry Wootten 358; Henry Johnson 570; Lela Crowder 498; Susan Harcrow and Sheila Wootten 519 (WB) (in memory of Reginald Jackson); Ricky Harcrow 38b, 72b.

Announcements were made. Ricky Harcrow led song on page 46 as the closing song, and Terry Wootten dismissed the class in prayer.

Chairman—Ricky Harcrow; Secretary—Susan Harcrow.