Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Old Flatwoods Primitive Baptist Church

Nauvoo, Alabama

May 12, 2002

The annual Decoration Day Sacred Harp Singing at Old Flatwoods Primitive Baptist Church was held on Mother’s Day, the second Sunday in May. The class was called to order by Joe Gilmore leading songs on pages 30t and 30b. Arthur Gilmore offered the morning prayer. Joe Gilmore led songs on pages 300 and 203.

The class organized with the following officers appointed to serve: Chairman—Joe Gilmore; Vice Chairman—Josh Keeton; Secretary—Jimmie McGough Gilmore; Arranging Committee—Arthur Gilmore; Memorial Committee—Jimmie Gilmore.

Leaders: Eugene Forbes 186, 303, 155; Wilton Donaldson 348b, 285t; Josie Hyde 183, 220; John Merritt 65, 294; Ashley Keeton 442, 434; Clarence McCool 147t, 349.


Josh Keeton called the class to order leading songs on pages 64, 196, and 408. Leaders: Ivalene Donaldson 73t, 77t; Charlotte K. Gober and Don Keeton 59, 61, 32t; Buell Cobb 29b, 74b, 425; Philip Gilmore 68b, 276, 317.

The memorial lesson for the sick and shut-ins and for the deceased was led by Jimmie Gilmore, Philip Gilmore, Joe Gilmore, and Pam Gilmore with songs on pages 45 (t? b?), 192, and 519 (WB) selected. The list of the deceased remembered were: Ethel Harper McGough, Bernice Burns McGough, A.C. McGough, Roie Alexander, Frances Beasley Lee, Tommye Denson Mauldin, Lucille Tolbert, Pearlie McGough, Cleo Bennett, Pauline Harris, Barbara Ann McGough, Mae Thomas, Doris Dickery, and Milford Watts.

The pastor of the church, Elder W.G. McGough, offered closing remarks and concluded the memorial with prayer.


After a delicious lunch and bountiful food supply, the class resumed singing with Joe Gilmore leading songs on pages 480 and 405. Leaders: Warren Steel 400, 352, 344; Amanda Denson 360, 567, 345b; Billy Williams 299, 297, 84; John Hyde 566, 124; Amber Springfield 500, 142; Sarah Beasley Smith 285b, 290; Paula Gilmore 75, 145b; Travis Keeton 496, 499; Glenn Keeton and Lena Keeton 354t, 475, 546; Gary Smith 523, 31t; Todd Key and Katie Key 30t; Glendon Farris 365, 28 (t? b?); Elder Garnsey McGough 283; Arthur Gilmore and Jimmie Gilmore 208, 143; Philip Gilmore 316.

Announcements were made. Joe Gilmore and Josh Keeton led song on page 46 as the closing song. Josh Keeton offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Everyone is cordially invited back again next year, and again when we meet in October. Your presence and support for this singing is greatly appreciated

Chairman—Joe Gilmore; Vice Chairman—Josh Keeton; Secretary—Jimmie McGough Gilmore.