Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Pine Grove Singing

Lookout Mountain, Near Collinsville, Alabama

April 21, 2002

The annual spring singing at Pine Grove Church near Collinsville, Alabama was held on the third Sunday in April, and was called to order by Bud Oliver leading songs on pages 32t and 82t. Wayne Reed offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: S.T. Reed 85; Milton Oliver and Paula Oliver 348b, 45t; Henry Johnson 125; Wayne Reed 145t; Alanna Blanks and Scot Oliver 405, 100; Wilton Donaldson 503; Jackie Tanner 123t; Glenn Keeton 163t; Donna Wootten 274t; Harrison Creel 530; Karen Clark 66; Boyd Scott 358; Leola Smith 318; Jarrod George 277; Margaret Keeton 276; Jackson Harcrow 388.


Bud Oliver brought the class together leading song on page 145b. Leaders: Don Clark 99; Jim Brown and students from Samford University 159; Elene Stovall 192; Max Berueffy 157; Allison Davis 436; Cody Blaine and Courtney Blaine 345t; Myra Dalton 345b; Chris Ballinger 31t; Syble Adams 203; Linda Thomas 63; Lamar Smith and Milton Oliver 36b; Ivalene Donaldson 328; Edith Tate 155; Larry Ballinger 133; Beth O’Dell 442; Betty Shepherd 216.


Bud Oliver brought the class back to order leading song on page 73t. Leaders: Cindy Tanner 269; Nate Green and Norma Green 106, 123b; Cassie Franklin and Flarce Creel 475; Loretta Smith 37b; Judy Mincey 538; David Ivey 154 (by request); Vernice Phillips 40; Lisa Geist 273; Shane Wootten 172; Amber Springfield 142.


The class resumed singing with Bud Oliver leading song on page 42. Leaders: Rodney Ivey 384; Susan Harcrow 41; Lela Crowder 440; Cassie Franklin 272; Wayne Wootten 445; Karen Ivey 171; Christopher Warn and Jim Brown 148; Mark Brown and Susan Harcrow 430; Melvin Stiefel 420; Dennis George 454; Loyd Ivey 137; Hobert Ivey 278b; Sue Wills, Kristy Finley, and Bud Oliver 317; David Ivey 120; Henry Johnson 136; Scott Ivey 186; Karen Clark 122 (in memory of John Bailey); Mark Brown 49b; Jackie Tanner, Cindy Tanner, and Cassie Franklin 76b; Larry Ballinger 78; Syble Adams 515; Glenn Keeton 378b; Betty Shepherd and Rodney Ivey 101t.

Chairman Bud Oliver thanked everyone for coming. Announcements were made. Bud Oliver led song on page 62 as the closing song. Wayne Reed offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Bud Oliver; Secretary—Pauline Oliver.