Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Antioch Baptist Church

Ider, Alabama

April 14, 2002

The annual singing at Antioch Baptist Church was held on the second Sunday in April. The class was called to order by Terry Wootten and Phillip Wootten leading song on page 82t. The Chairmen then extended a warm welcome to everyone who came, and expressed a desire that this day would be a spiritual blessing to all. Terry Wootten offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Terry Wootten and Phillip Wootten 68b, 312b; Louis Hughes 138b; B.M. Smith 569b; Sandie Scott 159; Rodney Ivey 434; Lamar Smith and Randall Smith 36b, 76b; Roy Turrentine 49b; Jenny Jenson 353; Linda Thomas and Evelyn Harris 47t; S.T. Reed 323t; Henry Cobb and Louis Frost 515; Tim Reynolds 129; Karen Clark 277; Henry Johnson 375; Jenny Willard 392; Ed Thacker and Shane Wootten 112; Donna Wootten and Shane Wootten 56t; Don Clark 209; Myra Dalton 208; Phil Summerlin 32t.


The class resumed singing with Terry Wootten leading song on page 176t. Leaders: Dennis George and Max Berueffy 532 (for Edith Tate); Karen Willard and Ken Hallock 29t; David Carlton 203; Keith Willard 144; Jeff Gauthier 344; David Lee, Kathy Lee, Bryant Lee, Amy Lee, Hannah Highsmith, and Martin Highsmith 128; Jeff Sheppard 318 (for Lonnie Rogers and Flora Skinner); Mel Kersey, Evelyn Waldron, James Young, and Shirley Young 147t (for Evelyn’s sister and Mel’s mother); Terry Hullett 87; Jackson Harcrow 274t; Thomas Willard 106; Jared Wootten, Hayden Wootten, and Jamey Wootten 388; Dakota Garner 282; Chris Davis and Jay Pilcher 111t; Stuart Ivey and Richard Ivey 186; Raven Townson, Dani Townson, and Kennedy Wootten 45t (sung to the tune of 478t) (WB); Aaron Wootten and Dewayne Wootten 421; Levon Wootten and Marlon Wootten 448t; Sheila Wootten, Lorrie Wootten, and Eloise Wootten 523; Don Bowen 486t (WB); Mike Thompson 290; Lonnie Rogers and Denney Rogers 225t; David Killingsworth 268; B.J. Harris 503; LaRue Allen 222; Karen Ivey and Susan Harcrow 454; Britt Mann 28b; Susan Davis and Jennifer Cook 196; Pam Wilkerson 505 (CB); David Ivey and Wayne Wootten 542; Buell Cobb and Levon Wootten 500 (CB) in memory of Freeman Wootten; Olivia Allen, Robin Smith, Wilma Corbin, and Pat Moore 48t.


Terry Wootten and Phillip Wootten brought the afternoon session to order leading song on page 201. Leaders: Syble Adams, Karen Willard, and David Lee “Song of Praise”; Jewel Wootten, Terry Hullett, Larry Wootten, Gene Wootten, Beulah Ann York, and Virginia Dale Glass 74t; Jeffrey Wootten, Kristy Wootten, Kennedy Wootten, and Cole Wootten 171; Milton Oliver 321; Laura Clawson and Lela Crowder 430; Shelbie Sheppard and Reba Dell Windom 216; Charles Franklin 74b; Johnny Clark 33b; Marty Wootten, Lorrie Wootten, Jared Wootten, Hayden Wootten, and Jamey Wootten 546; Brenda Carroll and Chris Carroll 384; Coy Ivey, Rodney Ivey, and Scott Ivey 358, 59; Stan Jenson and Jenny Jenson 217; Barbara Losse, Jenny Mann, John Hammonds, Chris Guin, and Sara Guin 559 (CB); Claudine Townson, Danette Townson, and Raven Townson 540 (CB); Charles Meidinger 352; Eschol Hughes 204; Loyd Ivey 89; Andrew Grace and Rashmi Becker 335; Aaron Little 460; Tony Ivey, Rex Wilks, and Tyler Wilks 480; Charles Steifel and Rodney Ivey 47b; Marilyn Burchett 551; Ricky Harcrow and Elizabeth Robbins 63; Jenny Mann “Sweet Beulah Land”; Terry Wootten 441; Terry Wootten, Levon Wootten, and Dewayne Wootten 323b.

Announcements were made. Terry Wootten and Phillip Wootten led “Brethren We Have Met To Worship” as the closing song. Ricky Harcrow offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Co-Chairmen—Terry Wootten and Phillip Wootten; Secretaries—Karen Ivey and Shelbie Sheppard.