Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Kalamazoo Singing

Kalamazoo, Michigan

July 15, 2001

The third annual Kalamazoo Singing was held at the Wesley Foundation, Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan on the third Sunday in July.

Chairperson Ann Miczulski brought the class to order by leading songs on pages 82t and 34b. Samuel Sommers offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Jan Wright 48t; Samuel Sommers 112; Bill Beverly 28t; Roger Williams 298; Molly Williams 59; Louis Hughes 76b; Lori Graber 80t; Rodney Ivey and Cassie Franklin 81t; Carolyn Deacy 66; Joe Todd and Ron Andrico 373; Joan Aldridge 300; James Page 284; Syble Adams 147t; James Nelson Gingerich 455; Judy Hauff 430; David Yeager and Peggy Kidwell 515; Pauline Childers 475; Bill Venema 40; Coy Ivey 63; Lisa Grayson 29t; Richard DeLong 458; Cathryn Baker 277; Ann Miczulski 122.


The class was brought to order by Martha Beverly leading song on 274 (t? b?). Leaders: Martha Beverly and Coy Ivey 137; Mathew Lind 189; Reba Dell Windom 208; Jim Crawford 522; Cassie Franklin 278b; Ted Mercer 80b; Michelle Cull 224; Carol Crawford and Jack Vimmerstedt 327; Aaron Girard 384; Mary List 143; Megan Jennings 106; David Rust 201; Joanne Bowman 474; Nancy Yeager 313b; Ted Johnson 377; Mary Postellon and Sarah Postellon 155; Melanie Hauff 215; Beth Todd 234; Kiri Miller 385t; Julie Vea 528; Jan Ketelle 168; Rodney Ivey 192; Jim Crawford, Benjamin Crawford, and Samuel Crawford 268; Cathryn Baker 335; Coy Ivey 222; Cassie Franklin 198; Louis Hughes 303; Reba Dell Windom 196; Coy Ivey, Rodney Ivey, and Cassie Franklin 270.

Ann Miczulski introduced Grace Flesche, kitchen wizard, and her able assistant, Sarah Postellon. Louis Hughes offered the blessing.


Samuel Sommers brought the afternoon session to order leading song on page 176 (t? b?). Leaders: Terry Hogg 503; Molly Williams 551; Matthew Lind 496; Joan Aldridge 228; David Yeager 32b; Syble Adams 171; James Page 216; Joanne Bowman 547; Joe Todd 103; Melanie Hauff 218; Bill Venema 159; Kiri Miller 454; James Nelson Gingerich 448b; Megan Jennings 282; Henry Schuman 434; Pauline Childers and Henry Schuman 318; Jan Wright 209; Ann Miczulski 497.


Roger Williams and Molly Williams brought the class to order leading song on page 128. Leaders: Nancy Yeager 49b; Michelle Cull 64; Lisa Grayson 436; Ted Johnson 89; Aaron Girard 315; David Rust 150; Judy Hauff 546; Beth Todd and Ron Andrico 179; Julie Vea 302; Lori Graber 354b; Jan Ketelle 178; Bill Beverly and Martha Beverly 86.

Announcements were made. The officers of the Kalamazoo Singing led song on page 323 (t? b?) as the closing song. Samuel Sommers offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairperson—Ann Miczulski; Vice Chairman—Roger Williams; Treasurer—Molly Williams; Secretary—Martha Beverly.