Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Aldridge Memorial

Pleasant Hill (Johnson Schoolhouse), Fayette County, Alabama

June 10, 2001

The annual Aldridge Memorial Sacred Harp singing at Pleasant Hill (Johnson Schoolhouse) was held on the second Sunday in June, and was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Chairperson Elene Stovall leading song on page 36b. Harrison Creel led the morning prayer.

Elene Stovall appointed Glenn Keeton as Vice Chairman; Amber Springfield as Secretary; and Max Berueffy as the Arranging Committee.

Elene Stovall announced that the singing this year would be held as a memorial for Marie Aldridge who passed away in August of last year, and lead song on page 47t in memory of her.

Leaders: Glenn Keeton 34b; Amber Springfield 276; Max Berueffy 300; Jimmie Gilmore 343 (in memory of Robert Aldridge); John Merritt 294; John Hyde 63; Ivalene Donaldson 328; L.H. Gilmore and Estelle Gilmore 318; Chuck Beasley 33b; Donna Wootten 56t; Lavaughn Ballinger 405; Wilton Donaldson 37b; Betty Wright 347; Julie Poston 284; Clarence McCool 349; Milton Oliver 222.


Joan Aldridge brought the class to order leading song on page 40. Leaders: Henry Johnson 385t; Vernice Phillips 112; Earl Ballinger 217; Martha Beverly 474; Margaret Keeton 432; Gravis Ballinger 384; Ottis Sides 571 (CB); L.E. Hannah 500; Willodean Barton 416; Laura Clawson and Cheyenne Ivey 354 (t? b?), 546; Bill Beverly 515; Judy Caudle 163t; Toney Smith 193; Dennis George 220; Shirley McCoy 358; Chris Ballinger 110; Linda Sides 480; Larry Ballinger 151; Rodney Ivey 503; Kenneth Tate 270; Anita Landess and Bill Vanderminden 58.

Elene Stovall led the memorial lesson with the quote by Ian Thomas, “I can’t, he never said I could. He can, he always said he would.” Elene Stovall and Allison Stovall lead song on page 192 in memory of Marie Aldridge. Harrison Creel led song on page 512. Joan Aldridge, Elene Stovall, Shirley McCoy, and their first cousins lead song on page 318.


Elene Stovall called the class to order leading song on page 101t. Leaders: Max Berueffy 316; Beth O’Dell 442; Danny Creel 383; Josie Hyde 507; Cassie Franklin 430; Lisa Geist 304; Reba Dell Windom 269; Shane Wootten 172; Harrison Creel 342; Mattie Townsel and Rodney Ivey 186; Joyce Hubbard 371; Clarissa Springfield and Amber Springfield 299; Paula Springfield 380; Allison Stovall 436; Latrive Bailey 400; Fred Killingsworth 123t; A.A. Malone 183; Rodney Ivey 294; Laura Clawson 142; Travis Keeton 235b; Bill Beverly and Martha Beverly 86; Anita Landess and Bill Vanderminden 297; Henry Johnson and Dennis George 472; Flarce Creel and Cassie Franklin 475; Chris Ballinger 146; Elene Stovall 49b (in memory of Murray Livingston and D.M. Aldridge) (by request of Paula Springfield).

Elene Stovall led song on page 45t as the closing song. Harrison Creel dismissed the class with prayer.

We would like to thank Willa Rush for paying for the minutes.

Chairperson—Elene Stovall; Vice Chairman—Glenn Keeton; Secretary—Amber Springfield.