Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Missouri State Convention

St. John’s United Church of Christ, Pinckney, Missouri

March 10-11, 2001

Saturday, March 10

The sixteenth annual Missouri State Sacred Harp Singing Convention was called to order at 9:30 a.m. at St. John’s United Church of Christ by Chairpersons Pattie Doss and Ann Leckie leading song on page 171.

The convention was dedicated to Charlie Derleth, hospitalized after a recent accident. Pattie Doss and Ann Leckie led song on page 68b in his honor. Penny Kujawinski offered the opening prayer.

Officers were: Chairpersons—Pattie Doss and Ann Leckie; Secretary—Dave Ressler; Arranging Committee—Rebecca Browne; Finance Committee—Gary Gronau; Memorial Committee—Presley Barker, Cindy Tanner, and James Page.

Songs were called from the “1991 Edition of The Sacred Harp” and the 1996 “Songs from The Missouri Harmony.

Leaders: Dave Ressler 441; Rebecca Browne 36b; Karen Isbell 142; Dan Gibbons 8 (MH); Jeanette Lowry 168; Gary Gronau 137; Luke Barker 215; Presley Barker 16 (MH); Berkley Moore 71; Ted Johnson 21 (MH); Tim Reynolds 192; Susan Green 34t (for Elisabeth Lacy); Judy Mincey 54 (MH); Mike Veech 373; JoDell Albi 74b; Dean Slaton 38 (MH); Wendy Hofmann 56b; Johanna Fabke 84; Jim Helke 31t; Linda Thomas 350.


Ann Leckie called the class to order leading song on page 47t. Leaders: James Page 20 (MH); Cassie Franklin 216; Jacob Affolter 2 (MH); Jim Solheim “Nebraska”; Melanie Hauff 316; John Bailey 128; Shelbie Sheppard 505; Everette Denney 405; Lois Lee Ramsey 159; Judy Hauff 52 (MH); William Shetter 49t.


Rebecca Browne and Sarah Bryan Miller brought the class to order leading song on page 155. Leaders: Max Berueffy 39b (for Bud Oliver); LaRue Allen 110; Janet Fraembs 532; Jackie Tanner 112; Kathleen Thro 29t; Peggy Kujawinski 29b; Marcia Johnson 440; Mike Grimes 490; Karen Freund 172; Eunice Webb 475; Mary Florence Smith 434; John Ramsey 460; Peggy Brayfield 481.


Dennis Corcoran signaled the end of the lunch break by playing Highland bagpipe tunes “Kilworth Hills” and “Jean Mauchline” outside, in front of church.

Pattie Doss brought the afternoon session to order leading song on page 430. Leaders: Jerry Enright 396; Elene Stovall 442; Cindy Tanner 368; Ladd Faszold 455; Jan Ketelle 436; Rodney Ivey 182; Dennis Corcoran, Maire Corcoran, Mark Bruns, and Rebecca Browne 66; Laura Akerman 198; Felton Denney 231; Lou Kujawinski 503; Daphene Causey 304; Julie Vea 201; Evelyn Harris 87; Coy Ivey 384; Floy Wilder 293; Eugene Forbes 340; Pearl Guier 303; Tommy McGraw 383; Flarce Creel 217; Mattie Townsel 317; Harrison Creel, Cindy Tanner, and Cassie Franklin 498; Jeff Sheppard 308; Lila Leland 479.


Pattie Doss and Ann Leckie called the next session to order leading song on page 39t. Leaders: Teenie Moody 120; Jo Ann Grimes and Mike Grimes 236; Marcia Johnson 218; Kathleen Thro 196; Judy Hauff 220; John Bailey 46; Melanie Hauff 277; Susan Green 474; Ted Johnson 419; JoDell Albi 472; John Ramsey 136; Dean Slaton 179; Karen Freund 411; Tim Reynolds 107; Cassie Franklin 270; Rodney Ivey and Dave Ressler 186; Jim Solheim 200; Peggy Brayfield 183; Julie Vea 327; Jeanette Lowry 299.

Announcements were made. The class was dismissed with a prayer.

Sunday, March 11

Pattie Doss and Ann Leckie called the class to order at 9:30 a.m. leading songs on pages 48t and 145t. Penny Kujawinski offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Dave Ressler 217; Rebecca Browne 276; Gary Gronau 163t; Dan Gibbons 203; JoDell Albi 313t; Jeanette Lowry 270; Presley Barker 191; Karen Isbell 34 (t? b?); Max Berueffy 497; Wendy Hofmann 82b; Jim Helke 284; Janet Fraembs 448t; Jackie Tanner 318; Penny Kujawinski and Wendy Hofmann 180; Coy Ivey 59; Luke Barker 354b; Teenie Moody and Tommy McGraw 365; Jerry Enright 377.


Pattie Doss brought the class to order leading song on 42. Leaders: Bob Meek 384; Laura Akerman 224; Elene Stovall 220; Jacob Affolter 312b; Jan Ketelle 171; Linda Thomas 131b; Flarce Creel 475; Linda Baird and Duane Baird 148; Eunice Webb 480; Harrison Creel 111b; Mike Veech 421; Shelbie Sheppard 269; Berkley Moore 85; Jim Solheim 294; Everette Denney 119; Max McCoy 45t.


Pattie Doss called the class back to order leading song on page 300. Leaders: Judy Mincey 510; Mary Florence Smith 43; Cassie Franklin 222; William Shetter 556.

Cindy Tanner opened the memorial lesson by reading from the Gospel of John 14:1-4. The following deceased were remembered: Stella Heines—Illinois; Marie Aldridge, Woodie Walker, Ted White, Eron White, Virgil Phillips, Ruby Phillips, Eloise Watkins, Betty Forbes, Byron Forbes, Rosa Hughes, A.C. McGough, Eugene Wakefield, and Cecil Edwards—Alabama; Jack Corley, Vedie Touchstone, and Allene Lambert Stanford—Georgia; Karen House—New York; Joyce Forbes—Texas.

Cindy Tanner led song on page 137 for Virgil Phillips, and Rebecca Browne led song on page 304 for Marie Aldridge.

Jim Page read the list of the sick and shut-ins: Everett Yoder—New Mexico; Jerilyn Schumacher and Virginia Evans—Illinois; Philip Page Jr.—New Jersey; Randy Wells—Florida; Jap Walton, Joyce Walton, Edith Tate, Ruby Wilks, Lawrence Underwood, Lula Underwood, and John Hocutt—Alabama; Charlie Derleth and Bill Ellason—Missouri; Beau Caldwell—Arkansas; Mozelle Sheppard—Georgia; Rachel Carson Jaworski (a very early baby) and Lilia Springer—Wisconsin; Nellie Miller—Kentucky; and Joy Armuedo.

Presley Barker led 47t for the sick and shut-ins and closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Jeff Sheppard 534; Tommy McGraw 456; Pearl Guier 448b. Penny Kujawinski led the class in prayer before lunch.


Pattie Doss and Ann Leckie led song on page 142 to open the afternoon session. Leaders: Johanna Fabke 378b; LaRue Allen 373; Rodney Ivey 208; Floy Wilder 432; Daphene Causey 454; Sylwinn Wyllie with Dan Gibbons 215; Mattie Townsel 176t; Luke Barker 87; Felton Denney 387; Lou Kujawinski 143; James Page 56 (MH); Eugene Forbes 155; Evelyn Harris 30t; Tim Reynolds 504; Julie Vea 444; Dean Slaton 434; Peggy Brayfield 547; Karen Freund 272; Jim Helke 496.


Ann Leckie brought the class to order leading song on page 335. Leaders: Jacob Affolter 268; Shelbie Sheppard and Rebecca Browne 106; Bob Meek 441; Jan Ketelle 13 (MH); Jerry Enright 330 (t? b?); Elene Stovall 273; Presley Barker 497; Teenie Moody 523; Coy Ivey 63; Ruth Brown 146.

Announcements were made. Pattie Doss and Ann Leckie led song on page 347 as the closing song. Penny Kujawinski closed the convention with prayer.

Chairpersons—Pattie Doss and Ann Leckie; Secretary—Dave Ressler.