Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rogers Memorial

Ephesus, Georgia

March 4, 2001

The annual Sacred Harp Memorial Singing for Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rogers was held at Ephesus School on the first Sunday in March. Lonnie Rogers called the class to order at 10:00 a.m. leading song on page 75. B.M. Smith led songs on pages 59, 101t; Jeff Sheppard 142, 316; and Margie Smith 225t, 303. Billy Joe Harris led the class in morning prayer. Mary Florence Smith led songs on pages 325 and 326.

The class organized with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Lonnie Rogers; Vice Chairman—Jeff Sheppard; Secretary—Karen Rollins; Arranging Committee—Mary Florence Smith and Margie Smith; Memorial Committee—Paige Harrod, Ruth Brown, and Teenie Moody.

Lonnie Rogers led song on page 340 for Syd Caldwell. Denney Rogers, mayor of Ephesus, welcomed everyone and mentioned the remodeling going on at the school.

Leaders: Teenie Moody 384; Alexandria Makris 388; Tommy McGraw 100, 39b; Leola Smith 234, 185; Everette Denney 335, 405; Kenneth DeLong 568, 395; Elene Stovall 426b; Oscar McGuire 155, 573; Sheri Taylor 163b, 178; Dewayne Wootten 426t, 283.


B.M. Smith called the class to order leading song on page 145t. Leaders: Louis Hughes 176 (t? b?), 146; Brady DeLong 36b; Eunice Webb 215; Rodney Ivey 76b; Daphene Causey 336; Bud Oliver 145b; Betty Wright 410t; Henry Johnson 570; Tokay Shumake 111b; John Plunkett 50 (t? b?); Max Berueffy 220; Milton Oliver 434; Richard DeLong 419; grandchildren of Lonnie and Vivian Rogers (Beverly Rollins, Randa Rollins, Barry Rollins, Laura Robinson, Joseph Lovvorn, Roger Harrod, Dan Harrod, and Kayla McWhorter) 358, 153; Nate Green and Norma Green 73 (t? b?); Dennis George 224; Terry Wootten 422; Evelyn Harris 47t; Scott DePoy 47b; Jeannette DePoy 300; Earlis McGraw 89; Janice Paulk 478.


Lonnie Rogers called the afternoon session to order leading song on page 345t. Leaders: Felton Denney 299; Louise Holland 147t; Jimmie Denney 61; Diane Avery 312b; John Redman 236; T.J. Stewart 144.

The memorial lesson was held with Louis Hughes leading songs on pages 378b and 406; and Jeannette DePoy leading song on page 72b. The deceased remembered: Capitola Rollins, Erma Caldwell, Susie Wright, Velma Smith, Ira Mae McCormick, Bobby Pugason, Kermon Denney, Letha Laney, Wheeler Laney, J.D. Muse, Jack Corley, Mary Lou Cagle, and Vedie Touchstone—Georgia; Cecil Edwards, Eloise Watkins, Woodie Walker, Virgil Phillips, Ruby Phillips, and Rosa Hughes—Alabama; Alcie Craig—Texas.

The sick and shut-ins remembered: Mozelle Sheppard, Faye Pettis, and Vivian Rogers. Felton Denney closed the memorial with prayer.

Leaders: Marshall Avery 278 (t? b?); David McGukin and Renee Sims 327; children of Lonnie and Vivian Rogers (Karen Rollins, Karleen Williams, Paige Harrod, Sherry Lovvorn, and Denney Rogers) 343, 143; Philip Denney 120; Gerald Rogers 59; Laura Jones 63; Nancy Allen 354 (t? b?); Brady DeLong 317; Rodney Ivey 270; Alecia Green and Tom McGraw 475; Henry Johnson and Dennis George 318; David McGukin and Renee Sims 112; Kenneth DeLong and Janice Paulk 425; Alexandria Makris 49t; Sherry Lovvorn 454; Leola Smith 436; John Plunkett 522; Nate Green and Norma Green 277; Rev. Lloyd Toney 82 (t? b?); Jeff Sheppard 229 (CB) (by request).

Announcements were made. Thanks were made to the class for a contribution of $91.00. Lonnie Rogers, Jeff Sheppard, and Karen Rollins led song on page 186 as the closing song. Louis Hughes dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Lonnie Rogers; Vice Chairman—Jeff Sheppard; Secretary—Karen Rollins.