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Chicago Anniversary Singing

Irish American Heritage Center, Chicago Illinois

January 14, 2001

The all day singing in celebration of the seventeenth anniversary of the Chicago Sacred Harp Singers was convened at 10:00 a.m. at the Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago, Illinois. Chair Suzanne Flandreau called the class to order leading song on page 59. Jim Swanson led the class in the morning prayer. Cathryn Baker led song on page 171; and Jim Swanson led song on page 172.

A business session was held to elect officers. The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Dean Slaton; Vice Chairs—Susan Geil and Randy Neufield; Secretary—Cathryn Baker; Arranging—Bruce Holmes; Chaplain—Herb Schroeder; Memorial Committee—Rebecca Browne and John Bayer; Finance Committee—Sam Sommers, Anne Heider, and Steve Warner.

Leaders: Dean Slaton and Judy Hauff 64; Susan Geil 178; Kiri Miller 454; Julie Vea 280; Melanie Hauff 542; Regina Bayer 148; John Seaton 47t; Gary Gronau 137; Bruce Holmes 146; Chip Ward 112; Doug Stapleton 200; Jerry Enright 536; Ginny Landgraf 419; Orwin Youngquist 268; Cassie Franklin 436; Jerilyn Schumacher 149.


Dean Slaton brought the class back to order leading song on page 32t. Leaders: Christine Stevens 277; Steve Warner 99; Patricia Doss 384; George Karduck and Dana Isabella 442; Keith Willard 80t; Ariel Weinberg 102; Felicia Stevens 155; Herb Schroeder 217; Rebecca Browne 362; Nick Pasqual 48b; Charlie Derleth 348 (t? b?); Dave Ressler 189; Jim Helke 306; Jeanette Lowry 168; Bob Burcherding 107; Lisa Grayson 216; Greg Howard 569 (t? b?); Larry Nothwehr 304. Jim Swanson led the class in the blessing before lunch.


Dean Slaton brought the class to order leading song on page 72b. A business meeting followed. Leaders: Sam Sommers 422; Jenny Willard 434; Sue Kessell 365; Marcia Johnson 368; Richard DeLong 411; Jacob Affolter 34b; Connie Karduck 528.

A Founder’s Lesson was held. Founders of the Chicago Sacred Harp (Judy Hauff, Marcia Johnson, Ted Johnson, Larry Nothwehr, and Jenny Warren) led songs on pages 222, 501, and 485. Larry Nothwehr announced that this would be his last Anniversary Singing as a Chicagoan because of his imminent move.

Leaders: Anne Heider 28b; John Bayer 85; Mike Veech 228; Ted Johnson 142; Al Frank 361; Judy Hauff 163t; Rachel Adelstein 553; Peggy Brayfield 455.


The class was brought back together with Suzanne Flandreau leading song on page 192. Leaders: Ted Mercer 278 (t? b?); Chip Ward 74t; Dave Barford 430; Kelly Brest van Kempen 480; Debbie Barford 163b; Virginia Warren 133; Kiri Miller 203; Kate Lingley 497; Bill Hamblin 106.

Rebecca Browne led the memorial lesson offering that the lists of those who have passed away grow longer each year. She reminded us that we sing for them, sometimes in supplication, but also in the hope that they hear our offering of song. Her father’s message was always “My hope is built on nothing less than the blood of Jesus’ righteousness.” Nothing separates us from the love of God. The fact that we name those who are deceased at singings shows that we are witnesses to their spirits and that we are never far from those who have gone before us. She asked those present to feel the presence of those named as the list was read. Rebecca Browne led song on page 474 for the deceased: Marie Aldridge, A.C McGough, Ruby Phillips, Virgil Phillips, Eloise Watkins—Alabama; Mrs. Roy Wells—California; Susan Garber—Connecticut; Stanley Ellis—Florida; Elder J.J. Aderhold, Walter Nystrom, Herman Thomason, and Vedie Touchstone—Georgia; Bill Diaz, Eileen Holmes, and Dora Stewart—Illinois; Gertrude Kirkwood—Indiana; Isabel Arnold—Massachusetts; Donald Nothwehr and John Storms—Minnesota; Larry Davis and Joanna Collins—Missouri; Karen Hamilton, Karen House, and Don Stavely—New York; Doris Swanson—Pennsylvania; Peter Renes and Anton Jakobs—The Hague, Netherlands.

John Bayer presented the names of those who are sick and shut-ins: Rev. Ed Pritchard—District of Columbia; Randy Wells—Florida; Virginia Evans, Larry Horberg, Mariam Pasqual, and Petrina Mary Patti—Illinois; Jim Smith—Indiana; John Morris—Maryland; Wendy Wahn—Michigan; Madeleine Steel—Mississippi; Jim Page’s father—New Jersey; Jerry Dievendorf and John Flandreau—New York; Nick Jabke and Lilia Springer—Wisconsin; Cis van Eysden and Katie Renes—The Hague, Netherlands. John Bayer led song on page 63, verse 3, in honor of the sick and shut-ins. Jim Swanson offered a prayer for all those named and those who are not listed but who are in need of our prayer and attention.


Dean Slaton brought the class to order leading song on page 49t. Leaders: Richard DeLong 420; Ginny Landgraf 385 (t? b?); Greg Howard 388; Regina Bayer 101t; Jeanette Lowry 377; Rebecca Browne, Charlie Derleth, Gary Gronau, Jeanette Lowry, and Dave Ressler 300, 192; Julie Vea 464; Samuel Sommers 24b.

The Finance Committee reported that expenses had been met. Announcements were made. Dean Slaton led song page 347 as the closing song. Jim Swanson offered a closing prayer and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Dean Slaton; Vice Chairs—Susan Geil and Randy Neufield; Secretary—Cathryn Baker.