Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Holly Springs Primitive Baptist Church

South of Bremen, Georgia, off Highway 27 and I-20

November 5, 2000

The annual all day Sacred Harp singing at Holly Springs Primitive Baptist Church was held on the first Sunday in November. The class was called to order by Charlene Wallace leading song on page 59. Louis Hughes, Sr. offered the morning prayer.

Charlene Wallace led song on page 105 (for Joyce and Jap Walton). Leaders: Carlene Griffin 97; Judy Henry 77t; Phillip Langley 460; Don Bowen 283; Debra Langley 480; Tokay Schumake 569b; Margie Smith 101t; Richard Driver 155; David Yeager 68b; Nancy Yeager 49t; Andy Anderson 178; John Plunkett 562; Jeremy York 285t; Henry Schuman 344; Tommy McGraw 72b; Henry Johnson 278b; Mary Florence Smith 383.

A business session was held with the class voting to retain the following officers: Chairman—Charlene Wallace; Vice Chairman—Carlene Griffin. Hugh McGraw and Judy Henry were appointed Arranging Committee and Secretary, respectfully.


The class was called together by Earlis McGraw leading song on page 225t (for his mother, Gladys McGraw). Leaders: Sheri Taylor 215; Myron House 421; Judy Mincey 538; Bobby Jackson 274t; Ted Mercer 468; Lee Rogers 220; Jan House, Ann McCleary, and other students from State University of West Georgia 284, 159; Jean Seiler 106; B.M. Smith 475; Jeff Sheppard 332; Robby Rivers and Hugh McGraw 49b; Edmund Golladay and Hugh McGraw 426t (in memory of Edna Marie Bell Golladay); Johnny Wright 145 (t? b?); Teenie Moody 384; Eloise Watkins 426b; Norma Green and Nate Green 175; T.J. Stewart 124; Cindy Cole 358; Lucille Gunnels 218; Kenneth DeLong 511; Lonnie Rogers 318; Richard DeLong 542; Shelbie Sheppard 385b; Jeannette DePoy 213 (t? b?).


The afternoon session was called together by Elder Homer Benefield leading songs on pages 56t and 45t. Leaders: Buell Cobb 103; Amanda Denson 320; Martha Ann Stegar 63; Bonnie Flowers 172; George Seiler 122; Allen Fannin 546; Scott DePoy 102; Estelle Flowers 389; Louis Hughes, Sr. 540; Eric Tweedy 131t; Andy Morse 183; Mildred Patterson 146; Felton Denney 387; Everette Denney 405; Nick Griffin 96; Josephine Denney 143; Liz Bryant 492; Donna Duke 189; Jimmie Denney 313t; Danny Griffin and Tommy McGraw 476 (in memory of their grandfather, Buford McGraw).


The class was called together with Charlene Wallace leading song on page 171. Leaders: Estelle Flowers and Jeff Sheppard 388; Ted Mercer 345 (t? b?); Richard DeLong, Joan Collins, and Lisa Loftin 339; Richard DeLong and Joel Griffin 39b; Allen Fannin 448t; David Yeager and Nancy Yeager 452; Jean Seiler and George Seiler 299; Henry Schuman 111b; Scott DePoy 270; Don Bowen 521; Jeremy York 31t; Jeff Sheppard and Shelbie Sheppard 29b (for Polly Moore).

Announcements were made. Charlene Wallace and Carlene Griffin led song on page 46 as the closing song. Elder Homer Benefield dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Charlene Wallace; Vice Chairman—Carlene Griffin; Secretary—Judy Henry.