Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Arrow Rock Singing

Federated Church, Arrow Rock, Missouri

Saturday, May 20, 2000

The fifth annual Arrow Rock Singing met at the Federated Church in Arrow Rock, Missouri on Saturday before the third Sunday in May. Susan Green called the class to order leading song on page 34b, and then offered the morning prayer. Wendy Hofmann led song on page 148.

A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Penny Kujawinski; Vice Chairman—Wendy Hofmann; Secretary—Richard Green; Arranging Committee—Susan Green; Memorial Committee—Kathy Wood and Presley Barker; Treasurer—Cindy Stone; Locating—Wendy Hofmann and Susan Green; Chaplain—Jim Pfau.

Leaders: Kit Pfau 29t; Dave Ressler 39t; Penny Kujawinski 373; Wendy Hofmann 569 (t? b?); Kathy Wood 87; Gary Gronau 39b; Jon Pearson 143; Lou Kujawinski 84; Jim Solheim 102; Joe Douglas 547; Charles Scudder 472; Luke Barker 354b; Bill Ellason 440; Jim Pfau 350; Presley Barker 142; Richard Green 163t; Will Barker 63; Joe Casad 454; Susan Green 474.


Penny Kujawinski called the class back to order leading song on page 49b. Leaders: Sue Pearson 276; Cindy Stone 86; Kit Pfau 82t, 47t; Dave Ressler 203, 83 (t? b?); Kathy Wood 452b, 532; Gary Gronau 29b, 419; Jon Pearson 497, 421; Lou Kujawinski, 313b, 178. Chaplain Jim Pfau said grace and the class recessed for lunch.


Wendy Hofmann brought the class back for the afternoon session by leading song on page 74b. Leaders: Jim Solheim 215, 216; Mary Bamesberger 155; Joe Douglas 503, 113; Charles Scudder 163b, 38b; Bill Ellason 268; Luke Barker 66, 179.

Kathy Wood and Presley Barker conducted the memorial lesson, and led song on page 122 for the following deceased: Harold Johnston, Barbara Scudder, Virgil Phillips, and Allene Stanford. The sick and shut-ins remembered were Jean Carhart and Ward Carhart. The memorial was closed.

Leaders: Jim Pfau 159, 371; Sue Pearson 147t, 65; Will Barker 88b; Richard Green 47b, 299.


Penny Kujawinski brought the class back leading song on page 523. Leaders: Jim Wood and Kathy Wood 68 (t? b?), 557 (?); Will Barker 236; Joe Casad 377, 217; Presley Barker 26, 36b; Luke Barker 79, 324; Cindy Stone 117, 126; Susan Green 57, 391; Wendy Hofmann 209, 360.

Penny Kujawinski led song on page 504 as the closing song, while those who wished took the parting hand. Chaplain Jim Pfau led the closing prayer, and the class was adjourned.

Chairman—Penny Kujawinski; Vice Chairman—Wendy Hofmann; Secretary—Richard Green.