Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

were 19 occurrences, 17 verses, 17 songs

All things were made by Him

553 Anthem on the Beginning

And none were left out.

507 Sermon on the Mount

And prayers of saints were sown.

573 Harpeth Valley

And thousands were converted

89 The Church’s Desolation

As all my fathers were

86 Poland

I should, were He always thus nigh

127 Green Fields

Oh ’twere not in joy to charm me

370 Monroe

That were a present far too small

447 Wondrous Cross

The time that prophets were foretelling

102 Fulfillment

Thou art gone to the grave, but ’twere wrong to deplore thee

158 Funeral Thought

To me they were most dear

67 Columbus

Were that joy unmixed with Thee.

370 Monroe

Were the whole realm of nature mine

447 Wondrous Cross

Were wont their tuneful parts to bear

504 Wood Street

Were written, Lord, for me.

379 Span of Life

407 Charlton

While tears were streaming down her breast

37t Ester

Your hearts with love were seen to flame

62 Parting Hand

516 DeLong