Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

upon 32 occurrences, 26 verses, 30 songs

A light to shine upon the road

27 Bethel

And rides upon the storm.

478 My Rising Sun

And sail by faith upon that flood

99 Gospel Trumpet

And upon the clouds of glory ride

480 Redemption

And while Thou shall smile upon me

370 Monroe

Behold! he cometh, leaping upon the mountains

254 Rose of Sharon

He whom I fix my hopes upon!

53 Jerusalem

70b Save, Mighty Lord

88t Done With the World

324 North Port

I sit upon my holy throne

174 Petersburg

I’ll launch my boat upon the sea, —

271t Arkansas

Inscribed upon my tomb

387 Penick

Lay your head upon His heav’nly breast

494 Big Creek

Light and love upon my way

532 Peace and Joy

Praise the mount — I’m fixed upon it —

135 Olney

312b Restoration

Rest upon us from above.

56t Columbiana

Shine upon us from on high!

335 Return Again

Skipping upon the hills.

254 Rose of Sharon

That rides upon the stormy sky

31b Webster

The willow trees upon.

126 Babel’s Streams

There upon the cross of Calvary

480 Redemption

To fall upon them and hide them from

250 Heavenly Vision

Upon our beds to rest:

209 Evening Shade

Was urged upon our necks in vain

242 Ode on Science

What’s this that steals upon my frame?

122 All Is Well

When He died upon the cross for sinners

426b Jasper

Who did once upon the cross

415 Easter Morn

Who died upon the tree?

123b Cross of Christ

197 Georgia

381 Sing On