Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

still 63 occurrences, 56 verses, 56 songs

A little voice that’s small and still

207 Louisiana

And are we still secure?

162 Plenary

And still how weak my faith is found

278t Love Shall Never Die

And still my Jesus follow.

406 New Harmony

And still our blessed Jesus

157 Essay

And still there’s more and more.

530 A Glad New Song

And still to heighten our distress

49b Mear

And thousands by faith are now climbing it still.

551 Jacob’s Vision

And we still will follow Thee.

405 The Marcellas

And yet she is able to land still more

79 The Old Ship of Zion

Beside the waters still

490 My Shepherd Guides

But he called the louder still

52b Charlestown

458 Friendship

But still I had no union.

484 Heavenly Union

But still we’re joined at heart.

69t Minister’s Farewell

382 Coston

But we shall still be joined in heart

330b Fellowship

For the angels of Jacob are guarding it still.

551 Jacob’s Vision

For Thou, Oh Lord, art with me still

402 Protection

God and heav’n is still my own.

370 Monroe

He leadeth me beside the still waters.

524 The Twenty-Third Psalm

His footsteps I will follow still

345t Jesus Is My Friend

Hope still; and thou shalt sing

230 Converting Grace

How sweet their mem’ry still!

27 Bethel

I am surrounded still with God.

315 Immensity

472 Akin

I hope in Christ you’ll still go on

62 Parting Hand

516 DeLong

I, I am thy God, and will still give thee aid

72b Bellevue

I still am homeward bound.

373 Homeward Bound

I still view the chairs of my father and mother

165 Family Bible

342 The Old-Fashioned Bible

I still will think of thee.

414 Parting Friend

I therefore still will praise Him.

406 New Harmony

It tells me in a small still voice

471 The Savior’s Name

Jesus Christ can still forgive.

497 Natick

Pursue His footsteps still.

456 Sacred Mount

Sinner, art thou still secure?

523 Pleyel’s Hymn

Still drags her downward from the skies

29b Tribulation

419 Melancholy Day

Still gazing on the spires of grass

404 Youth Will Soon Be Gone

522 Ye Heedless Ones

Still may we dwell secure

543 Thou Art God

Still my cov’nant grace proclaim!

263 Doddridge

Still support and comfort me

452 Martin

Still the path I’ll ne’er forget

145b Sweet Affliction

Still, thy heart, with pride elated

263 Doddridge

Still walking downward to the tomb

162 Plenary

Still would my spirit rest on Thee

39b Sharpsburg

Sweet responses still repeating

54 The Blessed Lamb

The nearer still she draws to land

329 Vain World Adieu

Their joys are still increasing

101b Holy City

Their mem’ries linger still with me

420 Bishop

Thy Great Provider still is near

429 Christian’s Delight

Thy praise shall be my bus’ness still

86 Poland

Thy ways abound with blessings still

344 Rainbow

To still my unbelieving fear

96 Few Happy Matches

While the tempest still is high!

452 Martin

Who fed thee last, will feed thee still

429 Christian’s Delight

Whom still I hold, but cannot see

95 Vernon

Whose hope still hov’ring ’round Thy word

73t Cusseta

Wilt thou still refuse to pray?

523 Pleyel’s Hymn

Yet still He pleads and mourns

296 Sardinia