Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

sky 32 occurrences, 29 verses, 32 songs

And called Him to the sky

500 Living Hope

And faith points upward to the sky.

32b Distress

And fit it for the sky.

502 A Charge to Keep

And He who reigns rules earth and sky

426t Kelley

And mount the upper sky

534 New Georgia

And ours above the sky.

28t Aylesbury

And waters veil the sky.

200 Edom

301 Greenland

304 Morgan

528 Showers of Blessings

Beneath a burning sky

189 Montgomery

Come, join the angels in the sky

412 New Hosanna

I’d soar away above the sky

455 Soar Away

In a land beyond the sky

560 My Home

In azure sky and beauteous earth

374 Oh, Sing With Me!

Lives eternal in the sky

332 Sons of Sorrow

Nor earth, nor all the sky

503 Lloyd

Oh, drive these dark clouds from my sky

127 Green Fields

Rise tuneful to the neighb’ring sky.

538 Hampton

Rising tempest sweeps the sky

108b The Traveler

Tempests and fire attend Him down the sky

151 Symphony

Ten thousand angels filled the sky

269 Bear Creek

That its foot was on earth and its top in the sky.

551 Jacob’s Vision

That rides upon the stormy sky

31b Webster

The darkness of the sky.

291 Majesty

The Lord of earth, and air and sky.

168 Cowper

The Lord, who build the earth and sky

429 Christian’s Delight

Through the earth and through the sky.

156 Jesus Rose

To Him who rules the earth and sky

411 Morning Prayer

What help remains beneath the sky?

110 Mount Vernon

While all the armies of the sky

47t Primrose

With all the blue, ethereal sky

468 Bristol