Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

may 97 occurrences, 86 verses, 77 songs

And all sinners may hope, since the Savior hath died.

158 Funeral Thought

And gathering storms may arise.

341 The Lone Pilgrim

And God grant we may meet together in that world above

260 Farewell Anthem

And may this consecrated hour

143 Pleyel’s Hymn

And sinners now may come to God

99 Gospel Trumpet

And then with Jesus you may go

399t The Dying Friend

And there may I, though vile as he

397 The Fountain

Born that man no more may die

81b Cookham

Come, let us ascend! All may climb it who will

551 Jacob’s Vision

Come, little children, now we may

207 Louisiana

Daniel’s wisdom may I know

76t Holiness

December’s as pleasant as May.

127 Green Fields

Father, if I may call Thee so

48b Kedron

Foes may hate and friends disown me

370 Monroe

For you and me that we may be

69t Minister’s Farewell

From faith and hope may grow.

52t Albion

313t Concord

Grant that all may seek and find

50b Humility

70t Gainsville

Here we may sit and see Him here

467 Lisbon

Here you may quench your raging thirst

295 Odem

His promise all may freely claim

429 Christian’s Delight

In springs of water may abound

64 Nashville

Life with trials hard may press me

370 Monroe

Lord, above, may we go praying

80t Shouting Song

Man may trouble and distress me

370 Monroe

May be scattered all around.

59 Holy Manna

May His great love now constrain us

144 Jubilee

May His rich grace the theme prolong

411 Morning Prayer

May I be well prepared to go

86 Poland

May I its great importance learn

205 Pleasant Hill

May it never cease again.

322 Man’s Redemption

May not a sinner trust in Thee?

73t Cusseta

May our justified souls find a welcome in heav’n.

149 The Trumpet

May peace attend Thy gate

150 Amity

May speak their joys abroad.

31b Webster

52t Albion

481 Novakoski

May the grace of Christ our Savior

56t Columbiana

May the Lord help you turn!

160b Turn, Sinner, Turn

May we all go home a-praising

323t Mullins

May we heed Thy service call

477 Lord, We Adore Thee

Oh God, to us may grace be giv’n

123b Cross of Christ

Oh, may I never read in vain

391 Sounding Joy

Oh! may I worthy prove to see

170 Exhilaration

Oh may it all my pow’rs engage

502 A Charge to Keep

Oh may my heart, by grace renewed

205 Pleasant Hill

Oh, may my heart in tune be found

48t Devotion

435 Sacred Rest

556 Portland

Oh may our humble spirits stand

562 Infinite Delight

Oh, may our lips and lives make known

301 Greenland

Oh may the Spirit guide my feet

77b Holcombe

Oh may the sweet, the blissful theme

569t Emmaus

Oh may they all through men regain

89 The Church’s Desolation

Oh may we all remember well

209 Evening Shade

302 Logan

Oh may we all together meet

55 Sister’s Farewell

Oh may we in Thy bosom rest

302 Logan

Oh! May we meet in heav’n

498 The Resurrection Day

Oh may we meet on Canaan’s shore.

62 Parting Hand

516 DeLong

One to trust who may deceive me:

359 The Bride’s Farewell

Poor sinners may deride me

109 Carnsville

Sing a sweet song such as angels may have

339 When I Am Gone

Speaking may relieve thee.

448b The Grieved Soul

Still may we dwell secure

543 Thou Art God

That He may make our good His care

411 Morning Prayer

That I once more may find her?

89 The Church’s Desolation

That may joy and peace afford

70t Gainsville

That sinners, vile sinners may rise

104 The Lovely Story

That we may meet beyond the grave.

516 DeLong

The day of grace, and mortals may

28b Wells

The tempest may howl, and the loud thunders roar

341 The Lone Pilgrim

The vain and the young may attend us a while

136 Morality

The vilest sinner may return.

28b Wells

The winds may blow and the billows may foam

79 The Old Ship of Zion

The world and flesh in vain may rise

326 Weary Pilgrim

Though now my temptations like billows may foam

161 Sweet Home

Though Satan may his pow’rs employ

213t The Good Old Way

Thus may we abide in union

56t Columbiana

Useless the flowers you may give

340 Odem

We at His feet may fall!

63 Coronation

We well may imitate their mirth

273 Milford

Well may Thy servants mourn, my God

89 The Church’s Desolation

Whatever may oppose.

29t Fairfield

Who come to Christ may live.

64 Nashville

With you no longer I may dwell

399t The Dying Friend

Yet may we meet and be complete

55 Sister’s Farewell

You may tell them, brother

417 Weeping Pilgrim

You may tell them, father

417 Weeping Pilgrim

You may tell them, mother

417 Weeping Pilgrim

You may tell them, sister

417 Weeping Pilgrim

Your morning sun may set at noon

204 Mission

404 Youth Will Soon Be Gone

436 Morning Sun