Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

mansions 16 occurrences, 11 verses, 15 songs

A house of many mansions where

279 The Shepherd’s Flock

And ascended to mansions on high

355 Anthem on the Savior

And rolls through my soul from the mansions above.

360 The Royal Band

His soul flew to mansions on high.

341 The Lone Pilgrim

In mansions of eternal bliss

72t The Weary Soul

The mansions of the dead

501 O’Leary

There are regions of light, there are mansions of bliss

551 Jacob’s Vision

To glorious mansions in the skies

62 Parting Hand

516 DeLong

To mansions in the skies

36b Ninety-Fifth

43 Primrose Hill

114 Saint’s Delight

293 Akers

462 Faith and Hope

To rise to the mansions of glory

338 Sawyer’s Exit

Who seek for mansions in the skies

62 Parting Hand