Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

lay 30 occurrences, 22 verses, 26 songs

And at night on a stone for a pillow he lay

551 Jacob’s Vision

And lay me down to rest

312t Sing to Me of Heaven

And lay thee down to rest.

489 The Savior’s Call

At hell’s dark door we lay

47t Primrose

Come lay your carnal weapons by

404 Youth Will Soon Be Gone

Described in the Bible that lay on the stand.

165 Family Bible

Ev’ry burden to lay by

448b The Grieved Soul

I came to the place where the lone pilgrim lay

341 The Lone Pilgrim

I lay my body down to sleep

566 Hebron

I’ll lay my armor down

373 Homeward Bound

Lay down your crooks and quit your flocks

461 Shining Star

Lay up nearer, brother, nearer

410t The Dying Californian

Lay your head upon His heav’nly breast

494 Big Creek

Nor lay thine armor down

147b Laban

372 Rockport

O’er lands which long in darkness lay:

242 Ode on Science

The family Bible that lay on the stand.

165 Family Bible

342 The Old-Fashioned Bible

There the dear flesh of Jesus lay

163b China

To lay this body down.

47b Idumea

288 White

428 World Unknown

Warble this beautiful lay.

323b Soft Music

We lay our garments by

209 Evening Shade

What shall I do, shall I lay down

462 Faith and Hope

When I shall lay my armor by

285b Land of Rest

390 New Prospect