Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

friends 61 occurrences, 52 verses, 45 songs

A home in heav’n when our friends are fled

41 Home in Heaven

Although I’m with you now, my friends

521 Parting Friends

And meet my friends at home.

387 Penick

And now, dear friends, what more is wanted

322 Man’s Redemption

And now, my friends, both old and young

62 Parting Hand

516 DeLong

And, Oh my friends, prove faithful

85 The Morning Trumpet

Come, let us join our friends above

285t Arnold

Come, on, my friends, and go with me

505 Where Ceaseless Ages Roll

Dear friends, farewell! I do you tell

69t Minister’s Farewell

382 Coston

Dear loving friends, so fare you well.

549 Phillips Farewell

Fare you well, my friends.

260 Farewell Anthem

Farewell, dear friends, farewell

499 At Rest

Farewell my friends, adieu, adieu

122 All Is Well

Farewell, my friends, I’m bound for Canaan

267 Parting Friends

Farewell, my friends, I must be gone

185 Pilgrim’s Farewell

Farewell, my friends, time rolls along

185 Pilgrim’s Farewell

Farewell, my friends, weep not for me

381 Sing On

Farewell, my friends, whose tender care

288 White

Farewell, my loving friends, farewell.

185 Pilgrim’s Farewell

208 Traveling On

Foes may hate and friends disown me

370 Monroe

For better friends above.

288 White

Friends believe me when I tell

326 Weary Pilgrim

Friends, connections, happy country

385b Can I Leave You?

Hark! Hark! my dear friends, for death hath called me

260 Farewell Anthem

I long to see my friends again

418 Reese

453 Holly Springs

I’ll meet my friends who’ve gone before

381 Sing On

In that last sad hour, ’mid friends so dear

494 Big Creek

Kindred and friends agree

212 Sharon

Lift up your heads, Immanuel’s friends

213t The Good Old Way

My Christian friends, in bonds of love

62 Parting Hand

My Christian friends to whom I speak

330t Horton

426t Kelley

My friends, come listen awhile

355 Anthem on the Savior

My friends have been so good to me

549 Phillips Farewell

My friends, I am going a long and tedious journey

260 Farewell Anthem

My friends, I bid you all adieu

235 Long Sought Home

My sinner friends, now will you seek

330t Horton

426t Kelley

My youthful friends, in Christian ties

62 Parting Hand

Never to return. Fare you well my friends

260 Farewell Anthem

Oh could I stay with friends so kind

62 Parting Hand

Shall I regret my parting friends

308 Parting Friends

Strangers slight, or friends despise

326 Weary Pilgrim

Take life or friends away

146 Hallelujah

383 Eternal Day

Then, Oh my friends, prove faithful

129 Heavenly Armor

Thou art passing away from thy kindred and friends

231 Thou Art Passing Away

To leave my dear friends, and with neighbors part

100 The Bower of Prayer

We’ll land with our friends, who’ve gone on before

388 The Happy Sailor

Weep not, my friends, weep not for me

122 All Is Well

When friends I cherish most are near

75 I Would See Jesus

Where friends hold fellowship with friends

470 The Mercy Seat

Why do we mourn departing friends

163b China

Ye come our sinking friends to save

334 Oh Come Away

Your friends will pass the lonesome place

404 Youth Will Soon Be Gone

522 Ye Heedless Ones